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Born in the Southwest, raised in the Northwest, I have called the South Pacific home for over 30 years. I founded J2 Travels in the late 1990s to share our knowledge with other like minded travelers – remembering always, that the joy is in the journey. I currently live on Maui, I'm endorsed by IATA, and am a member of the Fiji, Tahiti and New Zealand Tourism Boards.

Paradise Valley Springs

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Deer - Paradise Valley Springs.

Fallow deer are very small deer and were first introduced to New Zealand about the turn of the century, mostly from Europe.

The stags' antlers drop off every year around October / November and a new pair grow again within 3 ½ months. While the antlers are cylindrical at the base, the top is palmated (flattened)

In December fawns are born after a gestation period of around 7 ½ months.


Paradise Valley Springs first opened to the public in 1939 as a Trout sanctuary. Stuart Hamlett purchased the park from the original owner in 1975, along with his brother John who retired in 2004.

The park is a privately owned family business, with 100% of funds coming directly from our customers.

It has been extensively developed over the last 30 years into the world class attraction that it is today. New developments and upgrades are on-going, and the last three years has seen many exciting additions to the park.