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Hot Mineral Pools

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For decades, the soothing healing mineral waters and pure nature surrounding Taupo Hot Springs Spa in the Central North Island resort town of Lake Taupo have made it a 'must do' New Zealand icon tourism attraction.

On this page you can learn all about Taupo Hot Springs Spa's mineral waters, our pools, our accommodation and the long history and pleasures of spa bathing at Taupo DeBretts Hot Springs.

All of our Mineral Pools are drained, cleaned & refilled overnight.

Below you will find a description of each pool, the temperatures, depths and type of water to be expected:

Hot Pool 40°C to 41°C .860 to 1.450Mtrs
Big Pool 37°C to 38°C .880 to 1.400 Mtrs
Cold Pool 34°C to 36°C 1.1 Meters
Spa Pools 36°C .900 Meters
Water Slide 34°C to 36°C 1 Meter
Private Pools 38°C to 41°C 1.1 Meters

Taupo Hot Springs Spa's mineral waters are rich in the following thermal elements:

Sodium Bicarbonate: Opens pores, cleanses the body, and acts as a mild antiseptic to relieve itching and skin irritations. This helps in the healing of skin ailments such as eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis.

Sodium: When combined with chlorine (to become salt), is one of the principal constituents of lymph, and leaves the body feeling relaxed and refreshed. Salt also supports the natural conduction of electric currents.

Calcium and Sulphate: Are principle curers for diseases of the veins, bronchial infections, neuritis, sciatica, arthritis and woman's problems.

Sodium, Potassium and Chlorine: Give the body fluids their composition and stability.

Calcium and Magnesium: Vital for the growth and maintenance of bone.

---HOT POOL This pool is used for passive relaxing bathing and therapeutic soaking due to the very warm temperature 40°C. Essential before beginning a massage, beauty or skincare spa treatment.

---BIG POOL For most people the Taupo Hot Springs Spa experience starts here. Plenty of room to exercise or soak those tired muscles and is now even more popular with the addition of new European water massage features including Taupo Hot Springs Spa's 'wet massage' water curtains, air-loungers, acupressure jets and massage seats.

--- SPA POOLS Taupo Hot Springs Spa's individual hot tubs are the ideal spot to relax & chat with groups of friends.

---PRIVATE POOLS Taupo Hot Springs Spa's private indoor mineral pools allow for complete privacy and seclusion set in the natural bush and range from WARM to HOTTEST. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

---CHILDREN'S POOL Taupo Hot Springs Spa's chlorinated thermally heated freshwater pool has a high rate of activity and is usually used by young children.


Experience the pure freshness and excitement of a famous Volcanic New Zealand Hot Springs Mineral Spa.

For decades, the soothing healing mineral waters and pure natural surroundings of Taupo Hot Springs Spa in New Zealand's famous Lake Taupo Volcanic Zone have been an icon tourism attraction and award winning Hot Pools. When visiting and exploring this fascinating volcanic region, be sure to make Taupo Hot Springs Spa a priority on your travel itinerary or for your Taupo Accommodation options, we have a bed for all budgets.