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Piper Fenton   Meet Piper, one of our travel experts for Jamaica.

Piper is the founder of honeymoon specialty travel company Remarkable Honeymoons, and an award-winning agent with almost 30 years experience. She's a Virtuoso agent, and winner of WeddingWire's Couples Choice awards every year from 2014-2022. She is well versed in international travel after having visited dozens of countries in her career, and also through her studies abroad living in both Mexico and France. From the Orient Express, to tenting in Nepal, to flying the Concord, she's had many wonderful travel experiences.

The Best Of Falmouth Tour

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The Best Of Falmouth Tour

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The Best Of Falmouth Tour - The Best Of Falmouth Tour. Copyright ShoreTrips.com.


Don't miss out on what the best of Falmouth has to offer.

From history to crocodiles to natural beauty, this excursion leaves no stone unturned in Falmouth!

This tour begins by showing you what the "real" Jamaica is all about as you drive into the stunning Martha Brae Gorge. Venturing through a mini rain forest, you'll see the natural beauty of Jamaica and the local villages that come along with it.

Next, you'll travel to the heart of Falmouth while uncovering its rich history along the way. From the well-known Water Square to the local courthouse, you'll get an inside look at what makes up Falmouth's culture, both past and present.

After getting acquainted with the city, you'll come face-to-face with over 80 crocodiles in their natural habitat at a local Wetland Nature Reserve. A trained guide will call, feed, and handle the crocodiles that range in age from newborns to 50 years old! Make sure to ask about James Bond's famous escape, where he ran over the backs of crocodiles in "Live and Let Die" at this exact location. With over 100 different native animals in plain sight, you'll want to be sure and have your camera handy.

At the end of the tour, you'll stop at one of Falmouth's many beautiful beaches for an opportunity to grab a bite to eat as you reflect on your day of discovery in Jamaica!

- Wear comfortable walking shoes and bring insect repellent.
- The cost of lunch is not included in the price of this tour.

- There is a minimum of 4 people required for this tour.

Days offered: 7 days a week

  • 10:00 AM, duration: 3.5 hours