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The Fantastic Exuma Powerboat Adventure

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The Fantastic Exuma Powerboat Adventure

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The Fantastic Exuma Powerboat Adventure - The Fantastic Exuma Powerboat Adventure. Copyright ShoreTrips.com.


Getting to this private island paradise via powerboat is half the fun!

It was the end of a long day. Jean and I had 10 appointments behind us as well as a lunch of Fritos and coconut cookies which we had devoured while driving. This was our last meeting for the day and it had turned into evening. We rang the bell of the office, which shared space with the home, and Nigel opened the door with money in hand. "You're not the pizza man!" He looked hungry and was a bit miffed - he probably thought we wouldn't show up at that hour. Little did he know that, if we knew pizza was on the way, we would have waited and followed the deliveryman in.

Nigel and his wife are the pioneers of long-range island excursions. In their very professional way, they have arranged for a super tour which begins with an eye-opening experience of power boating taken to its limits. The 55-minute ride brings you to Allan's Cay, the only place the rare, endangered Bahamian iguana resides. After your "iguana greeting," you can stroll around and feed some grapes to these intriguing descendants of the dinosaur.

Soon we'll arrive at the private island for the balance of your day, where you'll be greeted with snacks and beverages.

There are lots of choices here, but fortunately, you'll have enough time to do a little bit of everything. If you are game, you can watch the captain and the crew feed the sharks. You'll be safely snapping shots just a few feet away on a cottage deck. Interact with some of the local stingrays when your guide leads a feeding session of these graceful creatures.

Perhaps you've heard about the famous, friendly, fantastic Exuma pigs. This private island has its very own porcine pals for you to play with. These adorable creatures are happy to go for a swim, get a scratch behind the ears or perhaps a treat from you. This is one photo op you won't want to miss!

Lunch is about ready now; the scent of grilled fish and steaks remind you that it is time to eat. Lunch includes an open bar, salads, fruit, grilled bread and more.

The afternoon's itinerary is up to you. You could stroll the beach, take a nap, go for a swim or explore the world beneath the waves with your mask, fins and snorkel (provided). These reefs are protected by the Bahamas National Trust and due to their isolation, you'll find an abundance of tropical fish and colorful coral just off shore. Although your guide will be happy to provide snorkel instructions and will be with you for every flip of your fins, this snorkel location is recommended for strong swimmers only.

A demonstration on how to prepare the Bahamian national dish, conch salad, will be provided. Watch as the crew prepares this delightful mixture of fresh conch, peppers, onions and lime with a sample for all spectators.

A memorable day, full of fun activities, delicious food and a myriad of local creatures.

- We suggest that you bring a swimsuit, beach towel, sunscreen, sunglasses and dry clothing.

- The minimum age for this tour is 2.
- You will not be allowed to take this tour if you are pregnant or if you have any back, neck, or spinal conditions. This is extreme!
- Passengers on the Disney Wonder may not book this tour. You will not make the 9 a.m. departure time.
- Please be aware that not many cruise ships are in port long enough to take this trip. Make sure the times work with your ship before booking this excursion.
- This tour does not operate on Christmas Day.
- You must be 18 years old to consume alcohol.
- Snorkel location is recommended for strong swimmers only.

Days offered: 7 days a week

  • 08:30 AM, duration: 9 hours Please see meeting instructions.