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Otago Museum

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Tours - Otago Museum.

Tangata Whenua
Discover and explore the Tangata Whenua Gallery with its impressive displays of Maori cultural artifacts, including one of the best collections of southern Maori material in the world. Gain an insight into the cultural treasures of Tangata Whenua - the people of the land, New Zealand Maori. Tangata Whenua guided tours are available daily at any time during opening hours by prior arrangement.

The unique natural history of Otago is detailed in this excellent gallery, designed for you to discover the natural treasures of our land and coastline. This tour gives a close-up look at bird and insect life, including displays of the Northern Royal Albatross, the endangered Yellow-Eyed Penguin & the giant extinct moa. See one of the few complete moa eggs in the world! Nature guided tours are available daily at any time during opening hours by prior arrangement.

Pacific Cultures
Discover the many cultures of the Pacific during a tour of the outstanding Pacific Culture Galleries. Find out about the significance of the masks, tools & instruments representative of early life. A special feature is the magnificent display of Pacific Island statues, rarely seen elsewhere. Pacific Cultures guided tours are available daily at any time during opening hours by prior arrangement.

People of the World
Explore archaeological treasures from around the world including ancient Greek pottery, examples of the world's earliest forms of writing from Mesopotamia & sculpture & fine artwork from Ancient Egypt. Learn the stories behind the stunning decorative arts from Asia & Europe, Tibetan Buddhist material & Chinese snuff bottles. Admire the beauty of the Venetian glass & ceramics from around the world. Other treasures include a striking collection of swords, a large collection of West African Ashanti cast iron bronze figures used for weighing gold, & a beautiful array of costumes and textiles. People of the World guided tours are available daily at any time during opening hours by prior arrangement.

Maritime history is an important part of the New Zealand story, & the Maritime Gallery is a treasure trove of elaborate scale-models, nautical artifacts and builder's models considered to be among the best in the Southern Hemisphere. Taking pride of place in the centre of this gallery is the skeleton of a great fin whale. Maritime guided tours are available daily at any time during opening hours by prior arrangement.

Animal Attic
At the very top of the Museum you'll find this magnificent timbered Victorian gallery - a museum within a museum! Immerse yourself in the style of museums gone by and gain not only an insight into all things animal, but also the museum culture of the 1800's when this gallery was first opened. This is a unique experience in New Zealand - don't miss it! Animal Attic guided tours are available daily at any time during opening hours by prior arrangement.

Highlights of the Museum
For an introduction to the extensive breadth and depth of the Otago Museum's collections, join us for a 'Highlights of the Museum' tour. Explore the best of the Tangata Whenua, Animal Attic and Nature Galleries in our 'recommended components' tour. Or choose to visit the remainder of our permanent collections (excluding Southern Land, Southern People, which is covered extensively in the official 15:30 guided tour) in our 'optional components' tour, which can be tailored to suit your interests.

Discovery World Tropical Forest
Take the hottest tour in town - join our Tropical Forest Communicator to get the in-depth, inside stories of the rainforest & the creatures that live within.

Southern Land, Southern People
Discover a region of superlatives & extremes… driest, wettest, coldest, highest, windiest, wildest, most remote. Southern Land, Southern People explains the origins of our demanding landscape & environment, how people discovered & explored it, how they utilized its natural resources, & how its challenging nature rubbed off on the people in the form of 'southern character'.


Discover the great range of activities on offer at Otago Museum!

From special exhibitions to guided tours, from Discovery World Science Shows to Gallery Talks, there's something for everyone at Otago Museum.

Both in-house and traveling exhibitions have consistently proven to be very popular with all ages. The Community Events that support our outstanding exhibitions are also a huge hit, providing you with the opportunity to delve deeper into the topic and further enrich your experience.

There are always a great range of talks and tours on offer. Gallery Talks are available daily at 2pm and focus on a particular collection item, allowing you to gain a greater understanding about the history of the exhibit.

Guided tours are also available daily at 11:30am and 3:30pm (or other times by prior arrangement). We have a great range of guided tours for you to enjoy, including a tour of our landmark gallery, Southern Land, Southern People or a Highlights of the Museum tour.

So make a day of it and plan your visit to Otago Museum by using the Daily Calendar below. All you need to do is simply select the day(s) that you would like to visit… and there you have it - a complete itinerary of all of the options available for that day!