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Speight's Gold Medal Ale

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Brewery Tours

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Brewery Tours - Speight's Gold Medal Ale.

Still on the same site it has occupied since 1876, Speight's Brewery has become on of Dunedin and Otago's biggest icons. Not just the 'Pride of the South', the Speight's brand is one of New Zealand's most loved beers.

The Speight's Brewery Tour is an award winning interactive and informative tour guided tour through an historic working brewery. You'll see, smell, touch and taste the ingredients which go into making Speight's beers and discover how Speight's became a legend in the south.

Learn about the antiquity of beer in Babylonian times, through to the introduction of beer in New Zealand and then the history of Speight's Brewery, before entering the brewery itself to learn about our unique brewing process.

No tour would be complete without sampling the fine product. Welcome to our brewery bar where you can pour your own and you will enjoy an appreciation session of six Speight's beers.

Visit the Speight's Brewery shop, which is open to the public, where you will find genuine Speight's beer gear for sale so you too can become part of the Southern Man legend.
Tour details

* Tour duration – 90 minutes (includes tasting and appreciation session)
* Bookings are essential
* Maximum 18 persons per tour
* Minimum ten persons for private tour and for FOC tour escorts
* No cancellation policy - but we do request clients advise us if they are unable to make booked tour
* Tour visitors who arrive late for the departure of a tour may lose their positions


Over the years, Speight's has produced award winning, traditional , ales and beers using fine ingredients and pure water from New Zealand. We take great care and pride in brewing our beers and are proud and present them here to you.