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Ka'anapali Beach Hotel

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Welcome to our home, nestled on eleven acres along Maui's renowned Ka'anapali Beach. While you're with us, it will be our privilege to show you our island, our Hawaiian Culture and what 'Aloha' really feels like. In the way that only locals can.

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Kaanapali Beach Hotel - Maui Hawaii

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Aloha! Welcome to Hawaii's Most Hawaiian Hotel!

Welcome to our home, nestled on eleven acres along Maui's renowned Kaanapali Beach. While you're with us, it will be our privilege to show you our island, our Hawaiian Culture and what 'Aloha' really feels like. In the way that only locals can.

Kaanapali Beach Hotel is more than just another hotel set amongst tropical gardens. Here, you'll experience the little touches that you'd only find in any Hawaiian home, like bedspreads of Hawaiian quilt design and tropical furnishings. And always, the warmth of a smile. Because once you're here, you're family.


Ka'anapali Beach Hotel sits on eleven acres fronting the sands of one of the world's best beaches, with guest rooms housed in low-rise architecture surrounded by tropical gardens. Amenities include two restaurants, spa salon and swimming pool, as well as complimentary Hawaiian activities.

Rest assured, you'll find a room that suits your needs and budget. A place you can call home while you're part of the Ka'anapali Beach Hotel family.

One of the many benefits of Hawaii's cultural diversity is that you can taste it! Literally. Each succeeding wave of immigration to arrive Hawaii's shores brought along its homeland's cuisine. Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Portuguese, and even the sturdy fare favored by American missionaries from New England. Blend and mix with the Hawaiians' love for food and unique flavors of native ingredients, and the result is ono (delicious).

At Hawaii's Most Hawaiian Hotel we take pride in serving our guests the best of Hawaii Regional cuisine. That's why readers of the Maui News, our community newspaper, have voted our offerings "The Best Hawaiian Cuisine."

Sports and recreational activities abound at the Ka'anapali Beach Hotel. Enjoy swimming in our whale-shaped pool, numerous ocean activities, dozens of complimentary Hawaiian activities, world-class golf, unique shopping, hiking, horseback riding, and so much more.

Thirty-three miles of white sand. Calm, protected lagoons – perfect for kids and the less adventurous. Mountainous winter surf, famous the world-around. The scene of uncounted picnics, luaus, volleyball games, snorkel adventures, windsurfing, boogie-boarding, body surfing and just plain beach combing. The venue of choice for the romantic at heart to share a sunset that will live forever.

Maui's beaches are as varied, and as valued, as is our famed cultural "melting pot" diversity. From Kapalua to Makena, the beaches fronting Maui's resort areas are annually ranked among the world's best.

Such sights to see! Maui's many "microclimates" provide a diversity of natural attractions unparalleled on the planet. From high mountain meadows ringed by redwood and pine, to exotic rainforests filled with a riot of colorful plants and birds. From rugged fields of lava that look like the surface of the moon to palm-fringed tropical beaches. From lava strewn grasslands with cactus to emerald green pastures. From soaring sea-cliffs to majestic waterfalls tumbling into clear, rock-lined pools.

Experiencing the nature of Maui is among our guests' favorite activities. One major reason -all of Maui's natural wonders can be experienced in a day. A full day, to be sure, but an unforgettable day as well. Although Maui's roads may not always be up to Interstate Highway standards, it is possible (but not always allowed by car rental companies, check your rental agreement carefully) to circumnavigate the island by car. Because Maui is an island, the landscape, vegetation, even the lay of the land changes around every bend. Visit the windward side of the island and view the result of eons of wind and water sculpting the lava flows that shaped Maui.

Face the breeze and smell the tangy ocean air, feel the gentle caress of the mist and daydream of cherished days on the beach. An hour later you'll want your water bottle close at hand as you carefully pick your way through a cactus garden. You'll marvel, as have countless Maui visitors before you, that our small island can host such an incredible variety of climatic conditions.