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Thatch Caye Resort

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Thatch Caye Resort

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Thatch Caye Resort - Thatch Caye Resort. Copyright Thatch Caye Resort.

World Class Scuba, Snorkeling, Fly Fishing and Sea Kayaking are featured in this mostly unexplored part of Belize. This new Green Resort feels like you've entered a Tropical Nature Park with a mile of Sand Paths, surrounded by Crystal Clear Waters, spectacular Star Filled Nights and the Friendliest People in the western hemisphere.

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Thatch Caye Resort Scuba Diving

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We are located on an outer caye off central Belize. The second largest barrier reef in the world is 10 minutes away. This amazing video shows some spectacular wall dives. Check out Spotted Eagle Rays, Eels, and a Slipper Lobster in this teaser video.


Just 9 miles from Dangriga in south-central Belize, Thatch Caye is an island complex that forms a 10-acre marine park. Two miles from the second largest reef in the Western world, Thatch Caye Resort is inside the protected South Water Caye Marine Reserve, a 117,878 acre site in the Coco Plum Range of islands.

If you love nature paths, soft white sand, easy access to scuba and fishing, gentle ocean breezes, and sparkling azure waters, then this island will indulge all of your senses.

Thatch Caye is a "hand made" eco-resort developed without the use of heavy machinery. In addition to traditional off-grid generating methods, solar and wind power is used to provide clean, quiet power for the island.

The island is located is a short kayak ride to one of only 12 world renowned bird sanctuaries in the Caribbean where hundreds of frigates, boobies and pelicans make their home.

Enjoy relaxing on one of our three beautiful beaches! The entrance to Thatch Caye is a protected waterway with thatch roofed boat houses, walkways and bridges. An aquarium graces the marina with an over water palapa to savor Belizean sunsets or gaze at the water dance below. Our East-facing boardwalk runs along the edge of Thatch Caye for nearly a thousand feet. A tee-shaped dock with hammocks under shade connects the boardwalk to a launching dock where your sea adventures begin. Sea kayaks are available to explore the many cayes and mangrove habitats of Central Belize. Moorings, sailboats and cruisers are welcome to visit Thatch Caye Resort for a meal at Thatch Central, ice, fresh water, provisions and dives!

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Review date:   August 2, 2018 9:12PM
Review:   I would not recommend this place for a stay longer than 3 days. CONS: -All-inclusive price too high for what is offered. - No hot water in some cabins - A bad odor in certain areas (around water bungalows) - Very limited options for people with dietary restrictions. You could eat rice, beans, sauteed bell peppers every day, but that gets tiring. The meals were good for people w/o any allergies:meat, fish, local foods such as fry jacks, rice & beans combined. If you go make sure you clarify menu options before, otherwise you'll find yourself eating the same thing over and over again (not worth the price).  -Meals served at specific times depending on Chef's choice. Very little room to ask for different options. -There are NO KEYS or a safe in the cabins. Thus anybody can walk right in while you're out. Plus, there could be people island-hopping from other locations. -Just like in other areas in Belize, there are sea roaches here, around Serenity point. Not dangerous, but they leech onto you to suck on blood.  -Tours/spa were additional high fees plus a service charge & a tax that were not advertised (to my group). -No information about what to do if there was a medical emergency. There are no phones and Wi-Fi is limited to the main lounge only. -They only had 1 large boat w/a capacity for 14. To fit more, some people had to sit on a wooden stool. Never saw life jackets on that boat.  -They feed sharks by the bar!!! PROS: -Gorgeous location -Nice, patient,& helpful staff (A shout out to Rufino, Mundo, Orlando, Ben, & Jezz for doing their best to accommodate us).  -Nice rooms with balconies and private hammocks  -Kayaks, paddle boards, snorkeling gear available as part of the price.
Author:   Natasha Bonilla
Rating (out of 3 stars):  

Review date:   January 30, 2018 7:19PM
Review:   Tiny little island, but never felt crowded. Fantastic, friendly, helpful staff. Comfortable bed. Clean room. The proporty is very well maintained. All of the rooms had an incredible sunrise view. Easy to keep busy with activities or just lounge about.
Author:   Stephen Walcott
Rating (out of 3 stars):  

Review date:   November 25, 2017 4:30AM
Review:   Amazing resort, super relaxing, food was amazing, all inclusive package is totally worth it. There are several activities available for additional purchase with very knowledgeable guides that is a great price. Definitely try the lobster hunting and snorkeling. The stars are divine And literally twinkle. You will see shooting stars everytime.
Author:   Shana Palencia
Rating (out of 3 stars):  

Review date:   December 15, 2017 6:42PM
Review:   My husband and I recently stayed at Thatch Caye Resort for our honeymoon. I would rate our stay between a 3-4 and it really is personality dependent as the resort isn't for everyone. The good news is - the resort is just as advertised so what they say and post, is what you get. From my experience - here are the pros and cons: Cons - -This is not the best place to enjoy when the weather isn't great. For probably 3-4 days of our trip a cold front came through which really limited our ability to do much. None of the rooms have a TV, internet or anything with only one small TV in the main lounge and wifi in that location only. The lounge has board games but many are missing pieces. My husband and I played a lot of cards but they only had one deck, so definitely bring your own! Again, the TV/internet free lifestyle is very much advertised so you get what they say. -We stayed in an overwater bungalow and while there was a lot of excitement surrounding that, it was a bit disappointing for me. The deck over the water is not very large and the hammock there takes up a majority of the space. there are two VERY small wooden chairs that are super uncomfortable and unrealistic to sit on for any period of time. I had hoped with the money we paid to be in an overwater bungalow that we would have been able to spend an entire morning or afternoon on it should we have liked but the bad furniture made that hard to do. Also, there is no water access from your bungalow so you have to go to Barefoot Beach to get in the water. - We took cold showers almost every night we were there. We let the GM know we were having issues with the hot water but never received a follow up and the issue was not resolved. We know others were having the same problem. Pro's -THE STAFF IS AMAZING! They really go out of their way to make sure you have a good experience. Right when we were picked up we were met with drinks, shots and smiling faces. Ben and Jess are amazing bartenders and not only make great drinks but are great for conversation. For the excursions we went on, Captain Ben, Darwin and Barry were fantastic. All are very knowledgeable of the islands, culture and marine life. We had a really great time snorkeling and on the island crawl/booze cruise (which we asked for super last minute and they accommodated very quickly). We also wanted to enjoy our bungalows (despite the crappy furniture) and Ben was great about getting buckets of beer together for us to take bag to our room so we would not have to go back and forth between the lounge and our room. -Food was fantastic! My husband isn't a huge fan of seafood and even he couldn't complain. We had a nice mix of seafood and red/white meat meals and never had one bad dish the 6 nights we were there. Mundo was amazing and even now we miss him coming out to introduce what we are having for dinner. -Island Activities. The days we had great weather, the island toys were so much fun to use. We went paddle boarding for the first time, kayaked, laid out on the beach, etc. All free with the all-inclusive package (which is really more cost effective than paying a-la-carte) What I mean by personality dependent is my husband would rate this place 5/5 stars and can't wait to go back. Belize and the resort are beautiful and the staff is top notch which is really what was most important to him. For me, I think there are little things the resort could do to improve like updating the furniture on the bungalows to be more enjoyable for those who actually want to spend time there and thinking about what types of activities or games they could add for when weather is bad and no one can leave the island or do island activities. Hope this helps others who are planning a trip!
Author:   Shannon Hessler
Rating (out of 3 stars):  

Review date:   November 30, 2017 1:34AM
Review:   Thatch Caye Family- From the moment we stepped on the island we were treated like family *those welcome drinks were amazing!!! The memories and friends we have made while on the island are ones we will cherish forever. Thatch will go above and beyond to make your trip the best. We fell in love with our bartenders Ben and Jess. They make some killer drinks and I loved just chatting with them. They always made sure we had a good time :) Thank you to our boat caption and tour guide Ben and Darvin. They are so easy going and will ensure you have a great time at sea. I got a little sea sick while on our snorkeling trip and they were able to coordinate for me to be dropped off at an island while the rest of the group finished the tour. It showed they will go above and beyond to ensure guests are enjoying their time. ***I was able to see a turtle hatch and make his way to sea, so it was not wasted stay on the beach :) Thank you to the chef! Wow, what they can pump out of the kitchen on an island in the middle of know where is amazing! The food and presentation was far beyond what I was expecting. Picky eater? vegetarian? Just let them know before you arrive and they will make it happen. Remember we are on an island so they need to plan ahead! Also, we loved the family style dinners. We met two other couples on the island and instantly bonded. From our excursions together, to one of their honeymoon stargazers cruise that they insisted be turned into a friends “booze cruise,” we have made some amazing memories. We already want to start planning our reunion trip. Mundo, we love you!!! We were celebrating my husbands 30th birthday and when Mundo found out he had a surprise birthday cake made and brought out after dinner. It was such a special gesture and made us feel right at home. To all the behind the scenes staff that work so hard to make this island always look so beautiful, you don’t go unnoticed. The island is truly beautiful and all the staff made it unforgettable. Till next time - Peace, love and remember... always chill like Dewey.
Author:   Krystina
Rating (out of 3 stars):