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Parador de Cordoba

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Parador de Cordoba

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Parador de Cordoba - Parador de Cordoba. Copyright Paradores de Turismo de España, S.A.. Just a spacer

Located on the ruins of the summer palace of Abd-ar-Rahman I, on a hill surrounded by vegetation at the foot of the Cordoba Sierra, the Hotel has exceptional panoramic views over the legendary city of the Caliphs.

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Parador de Córdoba

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Emplazado sobre las ruinas del palacete de verano de Abderramán I, una colina rodeada de vegetación en la falda de la sierra cordobesa, el Hotel presenta una excepcional panorámica de la legendaria ciudad de los califas.

El edificio rebosa frescor, pues goza de una temperatura de 4 ºC menos que en la ciudad. Esta sensación de bienestar se acentúa gracias a su piscina y a los jardines que lo rodean (con un nuevo jardín denominado 'Los Naranjos'), donde se encuentran las primeras palmeras de Europa.
Las estancias interiores son elegantes y muy luminosas, con amplios salones y espaciosas habitaciones. En el comedor se ofrecen el salmorejo cordobés, el gazpacho blanco de almendras y el churrasco en salsa verde.


Cordoba gives off, and rightly deserves, a magical and indelible aura. Her appearance corresponds to what is known of her, of what we imagine her to be. Cordoba jealously guards her own loyalties; her own traditions; her stolen customs, sometimes Jewish, on occasion Christian or Christianized, forever Moorish. Above all, she stood proudly as the center of power under the Caliphate. And so she became the most cultured, the richest, the most luxurious and lustful city. Even today she is a proper and propitious setting for the beautiful illustrations of A Thousand and One Nights.

The visitor will enjoy a town friendly in the extreme, as few are, but more complex than virtually any other. Her people are the waters which flow from the river which has swept them along throughout history: the Betis, the Guadalquivir. The city is nothing short of miraculous: the fertile result of the richest invasions the peninsula ever dreamed of. We were invaded by new and revitalizing cultures and civilizations: some angry and frowning; some refined, cultured and heroic; missionaries and adventurers first; humanists later. People proud of what was theirs, dissidents whenever a promising occasion presented itself, as many of the faithful as necessary, eternal aesthetes, poets for all eternity.

Almost anywhere in Cordoba province is a pleasant, generous and opportune place to wander about, simply following your own desires. The spectacular Arruzafa, today the exceptional Parador de Turismo, was the favorite residence of Abderramán I, and there are many pleasant and surprising walks in the area. The gentle hillsides are scattered with Shrines, born in the 4th century by the work and grace of Osorio, bishop of Cordoba. The jewel that is Medina Azahara is neighbor to the 15th century Monastery of Scala Coelis, also known as Santo Domingo. It continues to boast a remarkable church richly filled by the most beautiful images and great frescos. The cloister is Gothic.

But there are still so many more routes, among which only the traveler can chose. Parador staff will gladly provide more information about those most suited to your interests and the time available.

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Review date:   May 20, 2013 2:31PM
Review:   Recommended for: Luxury

Pros: This is a modern hotel. Unlike other Paradores. It is also located outside of town, so you have to have a car. Yes they have complimentary parking. Rooms are bright and cheery! Beautiful gardens and pool. Great food here!

Cons: Located outside of the center of Cordoba....which might be a good thing.

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