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Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival

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FSAF - Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival. Copyright Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival.

The Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival, 2-weeks of study-performance opportunities in all art forms, encourages both personal growth and arts appreciation regardless of level of accomplishment.


On the University of Alaska Fairbanks campus under the Midnight Sun approximately 1,000 people register and participate with over 100 guest artists and workshops in music, visual arts, literary arts, theatre arts, culinary arts, dance and healing arts with dozens of performances.

The Festival's mission is to provide highly qualified guest artists who offer multidisciplinary study and performance opportunities that increase both personal growth and arts appreciation to all participants. Our philosophy is to enrich the lives of all with whom we associate—through study and performances—by engaging their spirit, intellect and energy in an empowering way.

The Festival gives people who are enthusiastic about the fine arts an outlet to release their passions. We offer classes and workshops at various ability levels, so beginners will find plenty to do. Given the multi-disciplinary nature of our course offerings, a participant with one main area of study has the opportunity to branch out and the explore other arts: a violinist can take ballroom dance before their orchestra rehearsals, or a painter can play in a steel drum band after spending all day in watercolor classes.

Think of the Festival as summer camp for adults. You get to make new friends, hone your artistic talents, and just plain have fun. There are concerts nearly every day, so keeping busy is not a problem. The Festival takes place in Fairbanks, which often has beautiful weather at that time of year, so you can enjoy some extremely long days, and maybe take a weekend trip to Denali to see nature at its best.

If spending your whole days for two weeks with the Festival is not a possibility due to work or travel commitments, you may be pleased to see the number of evening classes and one-day mini workshops available.

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