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Denali Outdoor Center

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Oar Raft

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Oar Raft - Denali Outdoor Center. Copyright Denali Outdoor Center.

Just sit, hold on and enjoy the Alaska raft ride! This Nenana rafting adventure is a perfect introduction to whitewater rafting from 'mild to wild' and is suitable for all ages and abilities. A knowledgeable and professional Alaska river guide will be seated in the middle of the 'oar' raft to navigate the whitewater rapids.

Denali Outdoor Center offers family friendly excursions and we invite all Alaska travelers ages 5 and older. Children must be big enough to fit into our smallest 'smiley face' drysuit in order to join our Nenana raft adventure in Alaska.

Denali Outdoor Center Video

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Denali Outdoor Center is a full service outfitter for visitors to Denali National Park, Alaska. Specializing in whitewater rafting, kayaking and mountain biking adventures, we offer more activities than any other Alaska river outfitter located on the Nenana River. Friends and families will have the opportunity to enjoy the natural wonders and beauty of this spectacular destination with some of the best available adventures for all ages and abilities near Alaska's crown jewel, Denali National Park.

Denali Outdoor Center also offers economy cabin lodging and spectacular camping in a private and yet convenient location. Situated on the shores of Otto Lake, our newest facility is located just 2 miles south of Healy, Alaska and only 10 minutes north of the Denali National Park entrance. Our guests can experience the tranquil setting of Otto Lake with a stay in one of our comfortable lakeside cabins. Or, choose our private campground with spacious sites set in the trees. Whether camping or in a cabin guests will enjoy outstanding views of the Alaska Range.

We also have canoe and kayak rentals available for incredible access to the quiet corners of this hidden gem. As well, some of the very best mountain bike riding in the area begins right from our headquarters' front door.

Denali National Park is world renowned for it's premier wildlife, sightseeing and scenic qualities in Alaska. Denali National Park is a six million acre preserve encompassing Mt. McKinley (Denali) at 20, 320 feet. Vast wilderness areas, with lush glacial valleys surrounded by numerous glaciated peaks of the Alaska Range, create an awe-inspiring environment. Grizzly bears, moose, caribou, wolves, lynx, fox and a host of other mammal and bird species exist in a virtually untouched and harmonious ecosystem.

The Nenana River is the eastern boundary of Denali National Park for nearly 40 miles. The glacial whitewater gradually increases from mild class I moving current in the upper reaches to exciting class III/IV rapids in the lower canyon. This allows for a variety of options for river adventures to enhance your vacation to Denali National Park, Alaska.

If Alaska's rivers are not your style, explore Denali National Park by mountain bike and experience Alaska on a more intimate level. We suggest a bus ride into the park and a bike ride out. You will need to make reservations on a "Camper Bus" available through the Wilderness Access Center. Each bus has space for 2 bikes.

The Denali Outdoor Center rafting headquarters are conveniently situated on the shores of the Nenana River within a few minutes of the Denali National Park entrance. We also have our activities base located 2 miles south of Healy, Alaska and only 10 minutes north of the park entrance.

Join us for Alaska's best rafting, kayaking, camping, canoeing and mountain biking from mid-May through mid-September and float, paddle and pedal in the majestic surroundings of Denali National Park, Alaska. Experience the splendor and panoramic views of the Alaska Range and the Nenana River Gorge on some of Alaska's best adventures.