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Kenai Fjords Wilderness Lodge

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Resurrection Bay

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Resurrection Bay - Kenai Fjords Wilderness Lodge. Copyright Kenai Fjords Wilderness Lodge.

Kenai Fjords Wilderness Lodge offers a unique remote island experience in the vast expanse of Resurrection Bay, near spectacular Kenai Fjords National Park. All meals are included, and prepared by our on-island chef.

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Kenai Fjords Wilderness Lodge offers a unique remote island experience in the vast expanse of Resurrection Bay, near spectacular Kenai Fjords National Park. All meals are included, and prepared by our on-island chef.

Located on a privately owned parcel of land on Fox Island, Kenai Fjords Wilderness Lodge is nestled in the woods between the oceanside pebble beach and a quiet island fresh water lagoon.

Here you'll find eight comfortable waterfront cabins and the Kenai Fjords Wilderness Lodge, the only resort with accommodations on this remote island. Clean and spacious, each cabin and the lodge is equipped essential amenities to make your remote lodging experience comfortable.

Unlike many remote wilderness lodges in Alaska that can only be accessed by plane or a long boat ride across rough waters, the Kenai Fjords Wilderness Lodge is easily reached via a 45-minute day cruise from the port of Seward. The cruise travels the calm, protected waters of Resurrection Bay, and is provided by Kenai Fjords Tours, departing daily at 12:00 noon.

The staff at Kenai Fjords Wilderness Lodge strive to make your time at Fox Island as relaxing or adventurous as you desire. We invite you to explore the many wonders of Fox Island, whether it be on an interpretive walk with the Lodge's naturalist, beach combing, berry picking (in season), campfires, reading a book while listing to the water lapping upon the rocks, taking a guided sea kayaking tour or trail hiking. We hope you will embrace the untouched beauty and appreciate the quiet comfort of our seaside wilderness location.

Kenai Fjords Wilderness Lodge consists of eight guests cabins situated on the narrow penisula of land just south of Kenai Fjords Tours' Day Lodge.

Four of these cabins are connected in one building, two facing the fresh water lagoon and two facing Resurrection Bay with ocean views. The other four cabins are duplexes, with water views.

Kenai Fjords Wilderness Lodge was first built in the early 1960's, a time when a person could stake a land claim in Alaska.

Built by hand, rustic and authenitc, the Kenai Fjords Wilderness Lodge has a well-weathered charm that conjures up visions of what life on Fox Island was once like. In 1997, Kenai Fjords Tours purchased the Lodge and the land, and improved and expanded the Wilderness Lodge.

As an overnight guest, you will have exclusive access to the Kenai Fjords Wilderness Lodge. From your cabin, you are just a short stroll from the Wilderness Lodge which has a gathering room and family style dining room. Play games, read a book or just relax on comfortable couches next to the wood stove. Let the island's serenity quiet your mind and allow yourself to escape into this peaceful retreat. The Wilderness Lodge is available for overnight guests to use from 6:00 a.m. until 12:00 midnight.

End the day around the campfire, sharing stories about your adventures with other guests on the island. Enjoy a s'more or two while you watch the midnight sun glow and flicker, as the long summer evening carries on.

What better way to enhance the day at beautiful Fox Island than with a delicious gourmet dinner prepared by our own Island Chef! Dine at the Kenai Fjords Wilderness Lodge on the beach of Halibut Cove. The plate presentation of each course turns this fine meal into a flavorful work of art.

Guests enjoy sharing their Alaska experiences with other travelers at the table as they enjoy their meal. The natural beauty of Fox Island promises a vibrant array of color on a canvas of striking contours. And when it comes to dining at Kenai Fjords Wilderness Lodge, you can expect no less.

When you come to Kenai Fjords Wilderness Lodge, you're in for a genuine Alaskan experience like no other. This pristine destination on Fox Island is the perfect place to enjoy the untamed beauty of Alaska's coastal wilderness. Get a closer look at the wonders of Resurrection Bay on a guided sea kayaking tour. Comb the beach at the lodge and scan the horizon for signs of marine activity.