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Bald Mountain Bear Tours

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The Tour

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The Tour - Bald Mountain Bear Tours. Copyright Bald Mountain Bear Tours. Just a spacer

Our tours depart Homer's Beluga Lake generally at 9 a.m. Departure times vary according to the group and how long it takes to load the aircraft. The flight to bear country is about 90 minutes one-way.

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The rugged volcanic coast of Katmai National Park and it's wide open inland terrain is our play ground, we have developed an unequaled brown bear viewing program to excite even the most seasoned wilderness traveler, adventurer and photographer. You'll have the unique opportunity to take lots of photos and take home memories of this extraordinary trip to what we consider the most beautiful place on Earth.

The Alaskan Coastal Brown Bear, also known as the Kodiak or Alaskan Grizzly, still enjoys undisturbed habitat in Alaska. Our lifetime of experience in Alaska has given us the knowledge to guarantee you will be able to see, observe and photograph the Alaska coastal brown bear in their natural habitat. From the spring groupings of breeding bears to the summer and fall frenzy of salmon fishing, we can predictably access the key areas that will afford the best opportunities. We work closely with the National Park Service and the State of Alaska refining "Best Practices for Bear Viewing." It is our serious intent to provide a safe and educational experience to our guests. We stress the educational side of our trips to produce advocates for "Watchable Wildlife and a Wild Alaska!"

Bald Mountain's aircraft are two 10-passenger turbine-powered DeHavilland Otters. These rugged and stable aircraft are the standard for safe travel in the outback of Alaska's bush country. We are licensed to operate ocean vessels of up to 100 tons in near coastal waters of Alaska and use a shallow draft landing craft style skiff to access some of the inland estuaries. This enables us to remove the aircraft from some of the more sensitive areas and occupy viewing sites that would otherwise be inaccessible.

After flying over some of the most breathtaking landscapes earth has to offer and landing at Katmai National Park, we'll embark on your wild Alaskan adventure. It doesn't get better than this: a fabulous plane ride with eye-popping views; landing in a pristine Alaskan wilderness on a floatplane with an honest-to-goodness lifelong Alaskan bush pilot; then the best day of your life watching one of nature's most magnificent creatures, the Alaskan brown bear.