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The Alaska Native Heritage Center, a renowned cultural center and museum in Anchorage, is an exciting place where all people can come to expand their understanding of Alaska's Indigenous people.

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The Alaska Native Heritage Center is an amazing interactive cultural experience. More than a museum, the Center provides an opportunity to explore the indigenous cultures of Alaska firsthand - cultures that continue to adapt to modern society, yet still maintain a vibrant identity for the Native peoples of Alaska.

Get an in-depth experience of their living cultures at ANHC through storytelling, artist demonstrations, Native dance performances, Native games demonstrations, movies and more. Choose to watch or take it to the next level and participate. Opportunities to create your own art, learn a Yu'pik dance or throw a spear await the more adventuresome visitor.

Outside of the main facility, a meandering wooded path surrounding a picturesque lake guides visitors through six life-sized ancient dwellings representing the 11 culture groups of Alaska. Cultural representatives at each site, share how Alaska Native peoples thrived in a harsh and unforgiving climate, what their daily lives were like and how their cultures live today in a changing world.

A visit to the Alaska Native Heritage Center is an unparalleled opportunity to explore a way of life unique to Alaska – a memorable and must-see destination.

Local residents and visitors to Alaska are introduced to Native traditions and customs of both the past and present. The Welcome House is a celebration of contemporary Alaska Native cultures while the outdoor facilities and sites allow the exploration of ancient tradition and the presentation of stories from the past.

Our Center provides a unique opportunity to experience Alaska's many diverse Native cultures at one location.

In facilitating the transmission of Alaska Native knowledge, heritage and tradition, the Center promotes self-esteem and pride among Alaska Natives. The Alaska Native Heritage Center improves understanding among all Alaskans and encourages appreciation of Alaska Native people and their traditions, history, and contributions to Alaska.

There are different ways to expand your knowledge about all of the indigenous cultures in Alaska. You could encourage your employer to train your staff and customize a Cultural Awareness Workshop. Let us be a part of your educational journey.