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Willowbank's Christchurch Kiwi Encounter

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Willowbank Wildlife Reserve- Kiwi Encounter

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Willowbank Wildlife Reserve- Kiwi Encounter - Willowbank's Christchurch Kiwi Encounter. Copyright Willowbank Kiwi Encounter.

Kiwi Guarantee:
Nocturnal House open daily from 10.30am
No Glass
100% kiwi viewing guarantee

Kiwi Breeding:
Part of Operation Nest Egg
Willowbank incubates eggs for up to 4 species of kiwi – Okarito Rowi, Haast Tokoeka, Great Spotted and North Island Brown
Record of 100 eggs incubated in one season and over 600 kiwi re-released to the wild to date

Willowbank Overview

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This unique South Island attraction was established in 1974 by the Willis family, and is still owned and operated by the same family today. Situated on 18 hectares of river gravel, it has taken many years of planting and care to create the lush surroundings Willowbank has today.

Willowbank is a special place combining native New Zealand wildlife, rare breeds, nature and culture – all within the boundaries of Christchurch city.

The staff and owners of Willowbank work alongside the New Zealand Conservation trust, particularly with the kiwi breeding program "Operation Nest Egg". Willowbank is privately owned and receives no government funding. We are extremely grateful for donations. Willowbank has doubled the population of Okarito kiwis thanks to the contribution that visitors to the park have made to the conservation of the kiwi through your reserve entrance ticket.

There are approximately 50 different types of animal (up to 500 individual animals) found in enclosures and wandering free.