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North Face Lodge

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The Lodge

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The Lodge - North Face Lodge. Copyright North Face Lodge.

North Face Lodge is a traditional north-country inn in view of eight major peaks of the Alaska Range, and located amid a sweeping expanse of native tundra vegetation.

Lodge Video

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Camp Denali and North Face Lodge are two distinct wilderness lodges, both in view of Denali and the Alaska Range, and each located near Wonder Lake and the end of the 95-mile Denali Park road. Both are situated on private, family-owned land, surrounded by close to six million acres of Denali National Park and Preserve.

Both lodges share a common dedication to excellence in natural history interpretation, stewardship, and hospitality. Individually, they offer different platforms from which to conduct your explorations into the park.

North Face Lodge is a traditional north-country inn in view of eight major peaks of the Alaska Range, and located amid a sweeping expanse of native tundra vegetation. Modern guest rooms are joined by a common veranda, leading to the lodge's sitting room, fireplace, dining area, and library. North Face Lodge is 1.5 miles from Wonder Lake via foot path or bicycle, making it the nearest accommodation to this park attraction. Nearby to the lodge, a rustic log cabin tells of the land's history-park superintendent Grant Pearson chose this site for his homestead in 1957. Thirty years later, the Cole family recognized the land's coveted status and acquired the property to protect it from unchecked development.

Today, the renovated north-country inn maintains a purposefully intimate size. Fifteen small, well-appointed rooms each have en suite bathroom and electricity. On cool, crisp mornings, enjoy a game of chess by a crackling fire in the lodge's living room, or choose a book from our library of natural history and Alaskan literature. A spacious outdoor patio, with spectacular views of the Alaska Range, beckons one outdoors.

We incorporate high-quality ingredients to prepare wholesome, delicious, and attractive meals. We grow much of our own produce organically in the greenhouse and raised beds at North Face Lodge. Our kitchens and bakery take pride in creating foods that will nourish and energize you during your stay.

Your hosts and naturalist guides join you at 7:30 a.m., for breakfast summoned by ringing of the breakfast bell. We start the morning with a breakfast bar of whole-grain hot cereal, homemade granola, cold cereals, homemade yoghurt, raisins, and nuts. The hot breakfast entrée, plated and served from the kitchen, may include an herb and goat cheese egg souffl'e with vegetable-potato hash, Dutch-oven pancakes with lingonberry sauce and alder-smoked bacon, or Spanish egg and potato frittata with cheddar-herb scones.

Following breakfast, we set out an elaborate spread of lunch fixings including home-baked bread, sandwich fillings, vegetables, fruits, trail mixes and fresh cookies for a make-your-own sack lunch. Whether on a guided hike or paddling across Wonder Lake, there is no need to return to the lodge for lunch.