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Atlantis Paradise Island, The Cove

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The Cove

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The Cove - Atlantis Paradise Island, The Cove. Copyright Atlantis, Kerzner International Resorts Inc.

Step barefoot onto the warm sands of The Cove beach. This tranquil stretch of white and turquoise waters is reserved for guest of The Cove Atlantis.

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Welcome To Atlantis

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On the apex of Cove and Paradise beaches, sits Cain at The Cove, an adults only ultra-pool with an outdoor gaming pavilion and 20 private cabanas. Offered exclusively to guests of The Cove Atlantis.

Exclusive to adult guests of The Cove Atlantis, on the apex of Cove and Paradise beaches, the 9,000 square-foot ultra-pool is decidedly sophisticated with two separate elevated infinity pools at each end.

Guests can relax on one of several freestanding persimmon daybeds surrounding the pool or wade out to the center where they will find a small grouping of daybeds with 360 degree views.

Nestled between the beach and the main pool, 20 private cabanas are available for rental. Anchored by twin patios on opposite sides, these teak-wood louvered villas can be opened completely on three sides to reveal breathtaking views of the beach and pool.

An outdoor gaming pavilion houses one mini-craps and six blackjack tables.

Poolside and beach concierges provide complete food and beverage service, the latest in games, arrangements for special activities and water sports.

The Cove Pool Café and bar is located near the pool, serving light fare and cocktails throughout the day.

Google Reviews

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Review date:   May 22, 2018 12:27PM
Review:   I won this trip per company incentive and I have to say, this trip was amazing. The hospitality of the wonderful staff here is welcoming and endearing. There are so many activities to participate in and they really want you to have a great time. Thank you Signet for this beautiful and eventful trip and thank you Atlantis for making my stay so fun and relaxing!
Author:   Courteney Clark
Rating (out of 3 stars):  

Review date:   March 25, 2018 5:47PM
Review:   Just came back from my anniversary vacation, we stayed at The Cove to enjoy the adults only pool The grounds are beautiful and well maintained, the food and service was good as well. However, I did have one issue that caused us to leave two days early. The pool was flooded with spring breakers. Maybe they're adults on paper, but in no other way. These kids were throwing food into the pool, shaking up and spraying champagne, and overall a disrespectful bunch of brats. The security guard did walk over and scold these kids, but they couldn't care less. The Atlantis is capitalizing on this market, I get it, but perhaps they should make The Cove 21 and over. There are plenty of other places for kids to stay on this property. When I pay a premium to use an adults only pool, I expect to be with people who can conduct themselves as adults. The Atlantis is beautiful, DO NOT go in March and April.
Author:   Liz D
Rating (out of 3 stars):  

Review date:   May 25, 2018 3:05AM
Review:   Second time at the Cove (both times were incentive trips from employment) and both times had the best time. The Bahamians are the most genuine, kind hearted people! The facility was not only amazing but the attractions and spa on site made the trip one of the best! Highly recommend!!
Author:   Summer DeSimone
Rating (out of 3 stars):  

Review date:   May 1, 2018 5:35PM
Review:   Amazing place to stay for a couple. I am kinda little disappoint with the amenities they provide inside the room. They should have a Microwave in the rooms so someone can warm up their food. In Bahamas they had a big portions for everything so we had to take our food with us to the room but without microwave we had to threw away the whole 4 days left over food. Plus they do not have any food bank where you can give away your left over. I felt really bad while throwing away that much food.
Author:   Kanwardeep Singh
Rating (out of 3 stars):  

Review date:   April 20, 2018 4:56PM
Review:   First impression: The resort is beautiful. The lobby is open and airy and the ponds lend it a nice, zen-like vibe. I thought it was adults-only, but I saw kids, so I guess I was mistaken. There was a line to check in, but thankfully someone kept leading people from the start of the line to the other rooms (VIP lounge, concierge) to assist in the check in, and she brought us to the concierge lounge where we were checked in within 15 minutes of arrival. We were upgraded to a Deluxe Ocean Suite (I am a gold member), but as we arrived around noon and check-in is at 4PM, our room wasn't ready. However, she gave us key cards and told us that we could already use the key cards to get our bracelets for the day (which gives access to the pools, beaches and the water park) and they would later be automatically programmed with our room number, that we should call around 3 PM to check if the room is ready, and that there was a transit lounge we could use to shower and/or change into swimsuits if we wanted (and which also had lockers). She then escorted us towards the transit lounge (pointing out restaurants, etc. along the way), where the staff at the desk gave us access to 2 changing rooms with their own shower, toilet, sinks and a water extractor (basically a dryer-- you put your swimsuit or other clothing in it and it will extract the water from it). I changed into my swimsuit, got my water shoes from my suitcase and waited in the lounge area for my friend. A bell staff was waiting for our suitcases when I came out, but I guess my friend was taking too long for him because he left without saying anything. When we were ready, we asked the staff at the desk about leaving our luggage, and another bell staff was there within 5-10 minutes to get our luggage. We then had lunch and explored a bit to while away the time. We were at a different part of the resort around 4 PM, so we called to find out our room number. My friend was the one who talked to them, and she had trouble initially. She was told that our room wasn't ready, but I told her to ask to check again because it was already after check-in time. She was then told it was ready, but they needed my address and other details to confirm identity (the reservation was under my name). The room was really, really nice. It was spacious, the bathroom was luxurious (I loved the deep bathtub), and the view was spectacular. The separate lounge area was well-appointed, but there was no fridge-- I think you have to request it. Our balcony was small, but big enough for 2 chairs and a small table. The one thing that detracts from the luxurious feel of the room was that the robes (there was originally only 1 robe in a 2-queen bed suite, but they brought another one upon request) had tears-- mine had a small tear on the lapel and a big tear on one sleeve. The Cove Beach was nice and not crowded, though the water was a little colder than expected in mid-April. It closes at 7 PM. The Cove pool is adults only and was not too busy when we were there (before 10 AM). It closes early, though, at 6 PM. I didn't see any showers by the pool, so I guess guests aren't expected to shower before going into the pool, which I find kind of gross. One guy dipped his feet to rinse off sand, and so I decided not to go swim in it-- good thing this happened on my last day there. The shuttles: There's one supposedly every 15 minutes, and we usually didn't have any issues waiting for one. There are 2 routes-- one goes to just the Cove, the Reef and the Royal (it runs 24 hours), and the other goes to all the Atlantis properties + the Ocean Club, but that doesn't come as often, and the night that we had dinner at Dune, we waited close to an hour for the next shuttle (we should have just taken a cab). The staff at Atlantis: Some were very friendly and helpful; others did the bare minimum. Caveat: I used points to book this hotel so I think that biases my review a bit. If I had to pay $600+ per night on top of the $60+ fees per night that I paid, then I think this review would lose at least half a star.
Author:   Lorraine Sandiego
Rating (out of 3 stars):