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Nimbus Paragliding

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Paraglider Pilot School

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Paraglider Pilot School - Nimbus Paragliding.

Paraglider flying can be gentle and smooth like the gulls soaring or it can be the intense thrill of riding a strong thermal above the mountain tops.

To be a good pilot you don't have to be an adrenaline fueled action junky you just need to be reasonably fit with steady nerves and have the desire to fly like a bird.

Formed in 1991 Nimbus Paragliding is one of the longest running paragliding schools in New Zealand.

Our main training site is Taylors Mistake where we pay a license fee to operate from private land. This gives us a huge area to operate from and allows us to provide the safest training for our students. There are 13 take-off sites and 7 landing sites available within 30 minutes of the city center, this allows us to provide flying instruction in a wide range of conditions.

We employ experienced NZHGPA rated instructors who love flying paragliders and regularly compete in national and international competitions.

Nimbus Paragliding Beginner Lessons

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Nimbus Paragliding has been offering professional paraglider pilot instruction and tandem paraglider flights in Christchurch since 1991. They employ NZHGPA rated instructors and tandem paraglider pilots with over 15 years cumulative experience in foot launched aviation.

They only use and sell the highest quality paragliding equipment. There can be no compromise when it comes to flight safety. Nimbus is proud to have the best safety record in Christchurch.

At Nimbus we love to fly paragliders. They are dedicated to providing a safe and comfortable environment for their student pilots so that they can enjoy the learning process and learn to love free flying as much as they do.

Learning to fly with Nimbus does not end when you get your PG2 rating, we are always out there organizing flying trips, flying in competitions and flying for fun!.