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Blue Waters Resort

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Blue Waters Resort

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Blue Waters Resort - Blue Waters Resort. Copyright Blue Waters Resort. Just a spacer

Shimmering azure water lapping white sandy shores, eternal sunshine and skies of turquoise blue, how can this idyllic spot in Antigua possibly be improved? Our award winning Blue Waters resort has answered that question. With its seven serene freshwater pools, 17 acres of lush gardens, peaceful beach coves, gently swaying palm trees and deluxe beachfront rooms it has made heaven on earth into a dream holiday destination.

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If you think Antigua is just about its white sandy beaches and azure sea then think again. Located in the Caribbean Sea, this is an island that allows you to pick just what sort of holiday you want. It provides a place of reprieve for both high energy travellers and laid back explorers.

Beach bums can pass days lying beneath the warm Antiguan sun, feeling the sand between their toes as they stroll to the beach bar for tropical cocktails. Water lovers can enjoy hours exploring the vibrant and exciting water. There's snorkelling, diving and pretty much every other water sports activity under the sun.

Sightseers can discover the island's past and present with trips to St John's Cathedral Church, Shirley Height Fort and the Montpelier Sugar Factory to name a few. Food lovers can treat their taste buds by sampling Antigua's local delicacies. Don't miss the black pineapple, breadfruit and pepperpot, a spicy beef and vegetable stew.

There's nothing your children can't enjoy with you, expect perhaps a rum based cocktail. They will love the wide open spaces, endless stretches of beach and the waters full of exciting sea life.

And if all that isn't enough, there's always the tropical climate and incredible natural vistas everywhere you turn. If you are looking for a holiday which offers you plenty of options, warm weather and luxury resorts such as Blue Waters, then Antigua is the Caribbean island for you.

Often referred to as the heart of the Caribbean, the twin-island nation of Antigua and Barbuda has much to offer...from the miles of uninterrupted pink sand beaches in Barbuda to the popular Fig Tree Drive and Rainforest Canopy Tour in Antigua.

Antigua enjoys year round warm weather with day time temperatures annually averaging between 73-87 F while evenings are a comfortable 65-70F and can be cooler still during the months of December to April (and a light jumper may be advisable to keep you warm in the cooler night time breezes!). Antigua is one of the driest and sunniest islands in the Caribbean with low humidity.

Antigua has always been an island rich in culture, where the African and British influences shine through in a whole variety of places. The African influence is recognisable all over the island from the music, such as Calypso and Soca, to everyday aspects such as the language. English is the official language, however many of the locals speak Antiguan Creole which is derived from both the British and African language.

  • Condé Nast Johansens 2012 'Awards for Excellence'.
  • "Best Hotel in Antigua" for the 3rd time in the "The World's Very Best Hotels" in the 2010 World Travel Awards
  • "Best Hotel in Antigua" for the 2nd time in the "The World's Very Best Hotels" in the 2006 World Travel Awards
  • Condé Nast Johansens 2005 'Awards for Excellence'.
  • "Antigua and Barbuda's Leading Villa" in the 2004 World Travel Awards
  • "Best Hotel in Antigua" in the category "The World's Very Best Hotels" in the 2003 World Travel Awards
  • "Best Waterfront Villa in the World" by exclusive UK magazine "Harpers and Queen" in 2002.