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The Hotel Chocolat

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The Hotel Chocolat

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The Hotel Chocolat - The Hotel Chocolat. Copyright Hotel Chocolat Estates Ltd. Just a spacer

There are almost too many Saint Lucian attractions to mention in and around The Hotel Chocolat. Relax on the estate, have a dip in the pool or chill out on your sun lounger at the exclusive Club Boucan. With 140 lush acres to explore there's lots to do – strolling under the dappled light of the cocoa groves, taking part in the cocoa harvest, picking and tasting sun-warmed fruit from the papaya, mango and guava estate trees, trail hikes and nature watching. The beach is a short drive away with swimming, diving, sailing and kayaking on a classic Caribbean sandy beach.

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Hotel Chocolat's Cocoa Plantation, Rabot Estate in St. Lucia

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Angus Thirlwell (Hotel Chocolat Co-Founder) introduces the story of how Hotel Chocolat came to the decision of purchasing the historic Rabot Estate Cocoa Plantation in Rabot Estate and demonstrates to process of making chocolate from bean to bar.


The cooling infinity pool is waiting, the cocktail list has been tested, the dishes have been tasted and the crisp bed linen has been pressed – the countdown is over and our boutique hotel on the island of Saint Lucia is now open.

It's a place dedicated to barefoot luxury in naturally relaxing surroundings with awe-inspiring views from 1000 feet above sea level. It's a destination created to make you feel good – and all with a dash of luxurious hedonism.

Angus Thirlwell
Co-founder & Chief-Executive


Having grown up in the Caribbean, Angus has always been drawn to this string of little emerald islands. Five years ago, one of his lovely customers sent him an old book from the 1920's about cocoa growing, which so enthused him that he set off with co-founder Peter Harris to find a cocoa estate to buy. Of all the Caribbean islands they visited, Saint Lucia was the most beautiful, worthy of its name The Helen of the West. In the south west of the island, close by the old French capital Soufriere, they first walked on Rabot Estate! Now Peter is usually quite a cautious person but after only half an hour, he exclaimed 'This is it, we've got to have it!'

Dating back to 1745, the cocoa estate is the oldest on the island and home to some very rare old trees which are of significant scientific and chocolate interest. The first two years were spent rehabilitating the cocoa groves, restoring the original historic estate house and planning how they could open up this captivating experience to Hotel Chocolat customers. That's when they decided to create an intimate and exclusive place, the real Hotel Chocolat, where nature, well-being, hedonism, style, and of course chocolate, would come together...