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Teresa Nelle   Meet Teresa, one of our travel experts for Saint Lucia.

Teresa is a Certified Tahiti Travel Specialist and works with the Tahiti Tourism Board making sure her guests enjoy a fabulous holiday in Tahiti. Teresa lives on the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii. She's been a Travel Advisor for 20 years, specializing in tropical islands around the world but her true love is the South Pacific. Teresa has traveled throughout the South Pacific Islands and is on a first name basis with many of the resort owners. She has visited Fiji 7 times as well as Tahiti, Australia and New Zealand. Her speciality is multi-country holidays. Her agency, Luxury Hideaways, is rated A+ with the Hawaii Better Business Bureau.

Cap Maison Resort & Spa

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Cap Maison Resort & Spa

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Cap Maison Resort & Spa - Cap Maison Resort & Spa. Copyright Cap Maison.

Cap Maison is located above the beautiful Smuggler Cove beach in St. Lucia's Cap Estate, the preferred choice for discerning visitors on the island's north west coast.

A former sugar plantation, the estate ranges through 1500 acres of beautiful rolling hills at the northern tip of the island, with the tranquil waters of the Caribbean sea on one side and the invigorating Atlantic Ocean on the other.

This amazing setting means that guests can enjoy all the privacy and seclusion of Cap Maison, while being just minutes away from a championship-standard golf course, restaurants, bars, beautiful beaches and the lively ambience and activities offered by the nearby chic Rodney Bay.

Reflecting the family's passion for the Caribbean, attention to detail is evident everywhere: from the highest quality linen to hand-made tiles and chandeliers, iron balustrades and wide verandahs. This is augmented by unobtrusive technology such as I-pod docking stations and wide screen plasma Televisions throughout. Rich fabrics complement stunning colonial-style furniture, doors and windows are made in rich cedar wood with jalousie louvres to allow breezes to pass through.

Service is everything you would expect of a truly luxurious boutique resort, and we hope, a little more. Cap Maison can provide in room spa treatments, private dining or even a cocktail party in your suite! Or you can simply to do nothing but sip a cocktail and listen to the sea and watch the fishing boats and birds from the comfort of your private terrace....

The beautiful island of St Lucia is the quintessential tropical Caribbean isle. It's a sunshine paradise of soft sandy beaches shaded by towering palms, of intimate coves and colourful towns and villages, where life is lived at an easy, carefree pace.

Then, when you travel inland, St Lucia reveals another side to her beauty with unspoilt rainforests ablaze with tropical orchids, colourful parrots and hummingbirds; a landscape where waterfalls plunge into sparkling pools and sulphurous mud bubbles and steams in the world's only drive-in volcano. And who could fail to be enchanted by the coastline, where the Pitons – two giant volcanic peaks rising sheer from the Caribbean Sea – have become the enduring symbol of the island.

St Lucia is everything you dreamed the Caribbean would be, and the kind of place where relaxation comes easy and the pressures of everyday living simply fade away. And now, with the opening of Cap Maison, St Lucia has a luxury boutique hotel that's the equal of its beauty.

Cap Maison, St. Lucia luxury hotel

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'Cap Maison is a small luxury Caribbean resort which opened in St Lucia during summer 2008. It is set on a low cliffside in the Cap Estate in the far north of the island and has a lovely view over the Caribbean Sea and Pigeon Point...'


An experienced and renowned Caribbean hotel family have lovingly created a stylish boutique resort on the site of their beautiful waterfront former home Saman House. Cap Maison is a highly personalised and sophisticated home away from home offering comfort plus luxury, and a place which invites you to return again and again. The family understand what people are seeking in a Caribbean experience, and have ensured that Cap Maison is truly what Caribbean dreams are made of!

Designed in an elegant, Spanish Caribbean style, Cap Maison offers guests some of the most spacious and beautifully appointed suites and ocean views in the Caribbean.