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Brian has always nurtured his passion for travel in his spare time. He's traveled the world, visiting over 40 countries. Over time, this passion grew to the point where he began to search for opportunities to work in the travel industry. He's been an African Specialist at Mango Safaris since early 2006.

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Serengeti Bushtops

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Serengeti Bushtops Main Building

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Serengeti Bushtops Main Building - Serengeti Bushtops. Copyright Orion Hotels Ltd.

'Breathtaking!' That's what our visitors tend to say when gazing out over the romantic expanse of the Serengeti plains, one of nature's most spectacular landscapes which span over 14 763 square kilometres.

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Like our sister camp Mara Bushtops, we are not simply witnesses to nature: at Serengeti Bushtops we are participants, living in the heart of the ecosystem which supports the greatest wildlife populations in Africa. That means fabulous, abundant wildlife viewing all year round - with a ringside seat for nature's most awesome event

From Serengeti Bushtops we witness life at its most raw, thrilling and captivating, from the awesome grandeur of the big five to the shimmering glory of local birdlife – and from the vast herds of wildebeest, zebras and gazelles to the silent presence of solitary crocodiles.

You can visit us via several routes. We can be reached by light aircraft from Arusha, landing at the nearby Kogatende airstrip.

Alternatively, guests can take a private one way or return transfer from our sister camp, travelling from the Mara Bushtops airstrip at Siana Springs to Migori, transferring to Isabenia Border, then enjoying a scenic four hour drive through fascinating bush country or you can take the flight from Tarime to Kogatende.

Anyone preferring to reach us by road can do so from Ngorongoro, Nudutu and the southern Serengeti.

Either way, you will arrive to a warm welcome and a glorious backdrop to the ultimate Safari experience.