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Capella Lodge, Lord Howe Island

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Capella Lodge, Lord Howe Island

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Capella Lodge, Lord Howe Island - Capella Lodge, Lord Howe Island. Copyright Capella Lodge, Lord Howe Island.

Warm maritime currents from the Coral Sea endow this iconic island with a near perfect climate often likened to perpetual spring. Guests experience warm summers extending into autumn (Nov - Apr) with daytime temperatures ranging from 25-28°C. There's no summer monsoon season, as the Queensland Islands on the Great Barrier Reef experience. The water remains free of stingers and is crystal clear and warm for swimming, snorkeling and diving, making marine activities a joy. The 'old-fashioned' notion of flip-flopping from the beach to the reef in fins, snorkel and swimmers is easy on Lord Howe. Generally, conditions are appropriate for swimming between September and May.

The gentle cool season (May - Sept) offers daytime temperatures 18 - 22 degrees and the opportunity to enjoy the myriad of island activities on offer year-round. Encounter the intriguing rare bird species that choose Lord Howe as their preferred seasonal nesting stopover, explore walks of varying grades amongst ancient palm forests and along basalt rises, all with amazing island and ocean views. Venture on low-tide reef walks and discover sub-marine wonders by boat or snorkel.

A light spray proof jacket, hat and comfortable walking shoes are recommended when packing. For a Lord Howe weather update, click below to view the current Bureau of Meteorology forecast.

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Capella Lodge is Lord Howe luxury and Lord Howe Island's premium boutique accommodation. Commanding stunning ocean and mountain views the lodge affords a civilised, stylish and sophisticated escape. Capella's contemporary cuisine, first name service, relaxed sophistication and intimate surrounds combine to deliver a unique and exclusive Lord Howe Island experience.

A 'treasure island' of extraordinary contrasts, with rugged volcanic peaks, lush forests, rolling surf and serene lagoons, Lord Howe Island is encircled by the world's southern-most coral reef and was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1982. Long recognised for its pristine natural heritage, around 75% of the island is permanently preserved as marine park and subtropical rainforest.

Rising from the Tasman Sea just 700km northeast of Sydney, this tiny, breathtakingly beautiful island is just 11km long and 2.8km at widest. Around 300 people are lucky enough to call the Island home and visitor numbers are restricted to 400 at any one time to preserve Lord Howe's precious natural environment. Lord Howe Island and its surrounding islets are the eroded remnants of a large shield volcano that erupted from the ocean floor some 7 million years ago.

The majestic Balls Pyramid seen from the air rising imperiously from the waters south of the island, is the world's largest monolithic sea rock and is part of the same undersea ridge called the Lord Howe Rise. The stately twin peaks, Mounts Gower and Lidgbird tower some 875m above sea level at the southern end of Lord Howe. These matronly mountains preside over the island as its natural guardians, inviting exploration and wonder.