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Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan

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Welcome to the Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan

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Welcome to the Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan - Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan. Copyright Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan.

Beneath a lotus pool floating above treetops and Bali's sacred Ayung River, discover a few dozen enormous suites and private villas nestled in the jungle. Spa magic with the secrets of the East. Eclectic dining at the breathtaking valley's edge. Experience the diversity of Bali by pairing your visit with a stay at Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay, with far-reaching ocean views.

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Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan

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In a world of celestial peace, Four Seasons offers 18 expansive suites and 42 absolutely private villas that epitomise the ultimate in style and comfort. All of the guest accommodations reflect their exotic surroundings, with rich teak wood furnishings and colourful hand-loomed fabrics. Generous bathrooms feature blue or green terrazzo tiles, black granite countertops, a double vanity with Italian fixtures, a deep soaking tub and a separate glass-enclosed shower. Guests who wish to remain connected with the outside world may take advantage of the multi-line telephones with voice mail and wired or wireless Internet access within every suite and villa.

One of more than 17,000 islands in Indonesia, Bali is beautiful almost beyond belief – offering hillsides lined with stepped rice paddies, soaring volcanoes, lush forests and beaches lapped by the warm, crystal-clear waters of the Indian Ocean. It has close to 20,000 temples and countless palaces, a legacy of the eight ancient kingdoms that once ruled the island. In Bali's central highlands, rice terraces and cascading water gardens share the jungle with ancient shrines and eye-catching heliconias.

Renowned for their spiritual approach to life, the Balinese number close to three million, most of whom are Hindu. Along with Java, Bali is famous for its highly developed arts, including dance, sculpture, painting, wood carving and music.

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Review date:   April 8, 2018 9:22AM
Review:   Really great hotel. It isn’t brand new as others have alluded to, however it’s maintained really well and has an authentic Balinese feel (as opposed to a brand new generic hotel). The food in both restaurants was exceptional, the yoga classes were great and set in very scenic surroundings and the spa is fab too. Lastly all the staff were really fantastic and made it a memorable experience. Thank you!
Author:   Luke Ebbetts
Rating (out of 3 stars):  

Review date:   January 29, 2018 8:37AM
Review:   It's no wonder why this is one of the BEST resorts in the entire world. Every detail here has a lot of thought and intention put into it. The service goes above and beyond in every way. The chef at their restaurant personally designed a menu to suit our dietary needs, which we really appreciated! Their wine list was very impressive. The rooms were incredible, we stayed in a two story suite that overlooked the river and rice fields they had set up. The security was also extremely professional, as they do not let just anybody come in. The list of activities were very attractive and had incredibly amazing services. We treated ourselves to their massages and they were simply put, the best and most relaxing. The landscaping of the entire property gave the resort a heavenly feel, with wonderful energy all around. Overall, the whole experience blew us away and we can hardly wait to come back and stay longer. Thank you Four Seasons!
Author:   Polina Pustilnik
Rating (out of 3 stars):  

Review date:   March 30, 2018 10:08PM
Review:   We stayed here with my family for 2 nights. This property is absolutely gorgeous and defines luxury from every corner. The rooms are very spacious and clean. The scenery is absolutely stunning. The staff are very attentive and respectful . I deduct 1 stars for the food as the quality of the food at the Indonesian restaurant was not great and also the manager did not have customer service as a priority as we had made some complaints and he failed to attend to any of them.
Author:   Amir Tahmasebpour
Rating (out of 3 stars):  

Review date:   April 18, 2018 9:43AM
Review:   1st star lost • First time I get refused a glass of water in a restaurant.. I ordered my food and drink, and as I was coughing badly, I asked: "Please, could you bring me a glass of water too?". Then, I got kindly offered to choose between a $6 small bottle or a $10 large bottle of water. Never saw that before. I know it sounds like a detail for most of those who will read this review, but being refused a simple glass of water in a place where I am going to spend $50+ for a lunch usually gives me the worst first impression. The reason they gave me when I insisted a bit was: "It's because the tap water isn't drinkable." Never heard such an excuse after 2 years living in Bali and eating in the simplest warung to the fanciest restaurants. Besides that, they offered to bring me twice free crackers, which cost more than a simple glass of water... 2nd star lost • Quality of the food. I ordered the beef rendang and was really excited as this is one of my favorite Indonesian food. But what is traditionally supposed to be sirloin/ribs type of meat served with a sort of dry curry came in my plate as fatty beef chick with way too much sauce to be called a rendang. And the flavor was far from the complexe and tasty aromates of beef rendang. When the chef came to talk to me and I mentioned, he simply replied that those was the standards of Four Seasons, and apologized. -- Side story -- I called them before coming and explained I wanted to review the place on my personal Instagram (@thomasdespin) and on Google. I asked if I would be allowed to fly my drone to shoot the beautiful Lotus Pond they have as a rooftop in the entrance. They to me that we could talk about it when I arrive, which turned out in a single sided talk from the staff not even asking me any details and saying flying drones was forbidden for outsiders and guests. After hanging out and asking different manager, I actually learnt that there is a service to contact for this that gives the permissions to fly it or not. Seems pretty hard to get accurate informations even from managers for such a high standard Resort Brand. • CONCLUSION • Please, do NOT refrain yourself from going there. The place itself is gorgeous even if it looks fairly old now. The staff is welcoming and even though itms hard to communicate properly with some of them (I had so speak Bahasa Indonesia at some point to facilitate the communication), they are really doing their best to provide the best experience to the guests. If you go there to enjoy the restaurant, I obviously don't recommend the Beef Rendang, but please note that you will also have free access to their swimming pool. As from my experience, I feel that the place is slightly hyped and overrated, but I will assume I had an isolate case of average experience there. The place is still totally worth visiting and you will mostly have a great experience there. If you thought my review was helpful, don't hesitate to like it, and if you want to see more pictures of the places I explore, feel free to check my Instagram @thomasdespin
Author:   Thomas Despin
Rating (out of 3 stars):  

Review date:   March 30, 2018 6:04AM
Review:   Four Season Resort have two 5 star Luxury Resort in Jimbaran & in Sayan Village. In Jimbaran they ocean view, Jimbaran Bay, another one in Sayan, they have rice terrace and Ayung River.
Author:   Liem Men Sang
Rating (out of 3 stars):