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Lana'i City

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Lana'i City Sunset

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Lana'i City Sunset - Lana'i City. Copyright Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) / Ron Garnett.

Name: Lana'i City
What: Lana'i's central town
Where: Central Lana'i, three miles from Lana'i airport


"Just three miles north of the airport, Lana'i City was founded in the early 1900's as a plantation town originally built around Lana'i's booming pineapple industry. It is located in Lana'i's central highlands and, at an elevation of 1,700 feet, is noticeably cooler than coastal areas of the island.

All the shops, restaurants and business of Lana'i City are centered around Dole Park. This grassy spot is a popular place for locals to gather, meet and picnic. The towering pines lining the park provide just the right amount of shade on a sunny afternoon.

Lana'i City is also a great place for unique shopping and inexpensive dining. Visit Dis n Dat to shop for Hawaiian jewelry and the Local Gentry, a small boutique clothing shop with unique finds. The Lana'i Art Center displays local artists' works, from ceramics to watercolors. After window-shopping, grab a cup of coffee from Coffee Works, pull up a chair at the Blue Ginger Café, Canoes, Café 565 or Pele's Other Garden for a true local dining experience. For entertainment, enjoy the local entertainment and ambiance at Lana'i City Grille."

-Information gathered from www.gohawaii.com/lanai/regions-neighborhoods/central-lanai/lanai-city