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McBryde Garden

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Reflection Pool at the McBryde Garden

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Reflection Pool at the McBryde Garden - McBryde Garden. Copyright Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) / Tor Johnson.

Secluded between rugged cliffs dropping down to a verdant valley floor, McBryde Garden is a treasure house of tropical flora. Explore the unique biodiversity of native and exotic plants, recognized for their value and their beauty. See rare and endangered Hawaiian species and learn about the efforts to save them. Visit the living laboratory where scientists are still discovering the secrets of these plants. Take a trip back to ancient Hawai'i in the Canoe Garden. Follow an ever-changing stream as it meanders toward the sea. Share in the richness that is the McBryde Garden.

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Situated on the south shore of the Hawaiian island of Kaua`i, McBryde Garden is nestled in the picturesque and historical Lāwa`i Valley. The site of the first garden of the National Tropical Botanical Garden, the Lāwa`i Valley was chosen for its diversity of climate, soils, and topography. The area affords a kaleidoscope of distinct micro-environments which are cool, hot, wet, dry, lake, cliff or meadow.

McBryde Garden has become a veritable botanical ark of tropical flora. It is home to the largest collection of native Hawaiian flora in existence, extensive plantings of palms, flowering trees, Rubiaceae, heliconias, orchids, and many other plants that have been wild-collected from the tropical regions of the world. National Tropical Botanical Garden's Conservation Program is based at this site and the Garden contains a state-of-the-art horticulture and micropropagation facility.

Meandering through the garden is the Lāwa`i Stream, transected by Bamboo Bridge in the lush greenbelt that borders it. The Canoe Garden contains plants of ancient Hawai`i and Maidenhair Falls area features such plants as chocolate, allspice, and ginger.