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Old Koloa Town

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Couple Enjoying Old Koloa Town

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Couple Enjoying Old Koloa Town - Old Koloa Town. Copyright Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) / Tor Johnson.

Historic and picturesque, the Koloa district spans from Old Koloa Town to Kauai's beautiful South Shore in Poipu. Koloa opened its first sugar mill in 1835 and set the precedent for commercial sugar production across the islands. The sugar era opened the door to a wave of immigrants that make up Hawaii's multicultural population today.


As Hawaii's first successful sugar mill, Koloa is where it all began.

Visit the History Center and trace the history of Koloa through photographs and artifacts that the tell the story of Koloa and life in the plantation era.

The spirit of the past lives on in Old Koloa Town. Each building has a plaque detailing the history of the businesses and families who lived worked, and played there.

Old plantation stores are now home to unique shops and restaurants. Stroll through art galleries, clothing & specialty gift shops. Dine leisurely or have a tasty snack. Fill up your tank. Get a prescription filled, sign up for an activity, or purchase natural food and vegetables. Realty services are also available.

You can also explore the Koloa Heritage Trail, which covers 14 cultural, historical and geological sites from Old Koloa Town to Poipu. But to really experience all that this area has to offer go to the Koloa Plantation Days Celebration (July), an annual summer event that celebrates Kauai's rich plantation past.