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Chinatown, Honolulu

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Chinatown Flower Shop

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Chinatown Flower Shop - Chinatown, Honolulu. Copyright Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) / Tor Johnson.

Located on the western hem of Honolulu's financial district, Chinatown's historic buildings are home to a hodgepodge of shops, herbalists, lei makers, antique dealers, temples, bars and restaurants.

By day, explore Chinatown's bustling markets like the Maunakea Marketplace or the Oahu Market. Here you'll find exotic fruits, seafood and curiosities like the 'thousand-year old egg.'

When you're hungry, Chinatown's eclectic restaurants serve everything from dim sum (Chinese dumplings) to Eurasian, Vietnamese, Malaysian and even Cuban and French fare.


Chinatown is Hawaii's most exciting and mysterious neighborhood. The historic district is located in downtown Honolulu, and has long been a popular gathering place for kama`aina and visitors. As a gateway to Hawaii for many immigrants, Chinatown is a colorful and eclectic blend of Southeast Asian cultures.

Vietnamese, Laotian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Filipino, Hawaiian, Korean and Caucasian merchants work harmoniously together, selling their wares and perpetuating respective cultural traditions. Daily, visitors and residents flock to Chinatown to buy fresh produce, fish, meat, manapua, candied fruits and vegetables, noodles, tea, duck eggs, char siu and other Asian delicacies. At noon, people in the downtown business community flock to the nearby area for dim sum, or lunch at one of the delicious and inexpensive specialty restaurants.

"Variety" best describes the visitor's Chinatown experience. All within a fifteen-block area, one may consult an herbalist, view an art exhibit, and see a dragon procession, make an offering at a Buddhist temple, or buy precious jade and a cheong sam gown. Chinatown's history is a rich part of Hawaii's story.