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Exploring Oahu's Birds And Wildlife - Hotel Guests Only

Explore > United States > Oahu > Exploring Oahu's Birds And Wildlife - Hotel Guests Only

Exploring Oahu's Birds And Wildlife - Hotel Guests Only

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Exploring Oahu's Birds And Wildlife - Hotel Guests Only - Exploring Oahu's Birds And Wildlife - Hotel Guests Only. Copyright ShoreTrips.com.


From the mountains to the shore, Oahu's unique bird and animal life is awaiting your discovery.

What would a tropical paradise be without the chirps, tweets, and sweet songs of our feathered friends?

The early birder spots the birds! Beginning with hotel pickups at 5:50am (pickup time will be assigned after booking), an exciting day of avian exploration awaits! Your tour begins by visiting a private forest reserve set high in the lush, green Waianae Mountains.

Exclusive access to this private land guarantees you'll be far from the crowds, increasing your chances of successfully spotting both native and exotic species, some found nowhere else on earth. Keep your gaze in the trees for sightings of the Aeo, the Kolea (in winter) and the endemic Apanane and Amakihi.

The reserve also contains one of the last habitats of the endangered Oahu Elepaio. These brown and white warblers are the first native birds to sing in the morning and the last to stop singing at night. Your guide, a birding expert, will assist in tracking all of these delightful winged creatures.

Leaving the mountains and heading down to the sea, you'll find a wide range of species and habitats to explore. As you get closer to the coast, during certain times of the year you'll find seasonal visitors such as the white and black Laysan Albatross, Pacific Golden Plover, and the Bristle-Thighed Curlew.

The shore also brings chances to see Oahu's endangered mammals and reptiles, such as the Hawaiian Monk Seal and the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle.

At some point during the day, when everyone is hungry, your guide will pick out a great location to stop and enjoy lunch. You will make your sandwich choice during the checkout process.

- The tour company provides pickups at select hotels. If you are not staying at one of these hotels, we will recommend the closest location for pickup. In that case, you will need to find your own transportation to the pickup site. Pickups begin at 5:50am. Specific information will be included on your voucher.
- This tour involves short walks, varying in length from .5 to 1.5 miles. Please wear close-toed comfortable walking shoes and bring a light jacket. It can be foggy or misty in the mountains.
- This tour operates rain or shine. Your guide will provide rain gear for everyone in the group.
- Binoculars are provided, but bring your camera.

- This tour requires a minimum of 4 guests to operate.
- This tour can accommodate up to 12 guests.
- The minimum age to participate is 8 years old.
- This tour is not available for those with limited mobility.
- Guests must be able to walk on some uneven terrain.
- This tour is not available for cruise ship passengers.

Days offered: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

  • , duration: 9.5 hours From Ko Olina & Kapolei. Pickup times will be assigned when booking is confirmed.
  • , duration: 10 hours From Waikiki. Pickup times will be assigned when booking is confirmed.