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Teresa is a Certified Tahiti Travel Specialist and works with the Tahiti Tourism Board making sure her guests enjoy a fabulous holiday in Tahiti. Teresa lives on the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii. She's been a Travel Advisor for 20 years, specializing in tropical islands around the world but her true love is the South Pacific. Teresa has traveled throughout the South Pacific Islands and is on a first name basis with many of the resort owners. She has visited Fiji 7 times as well as Tahiti, Australia and New Zealand. Her speciality is multi-country holidays. Her agency, Luxury Hideaways, is rated A+ with the Hawaii Better Business Bureau.

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Private: Surviving Politics - With Cocktails!

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Private: Surviving Politics - With Cocktails!

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Private: Surviving Politics - With Cocktails! - Private: Surviving Politics - With Cocktails!. Copyright


The goal of this experience is to help you rise above the others.

Whether you are visiting the nation’s capitol on business or pleasure, you will enjoy this respite from the politics of the city. It is easy to understand how the cocktail hour is essential to the networking of this society, and also a necessity so people here can wash off their day. After this experience, you will be able to continue the quest with a background in where to go and what to drink, which is almost as important as the why!

The DC cocktail scene is huge. The city is full of aides and interns; networking is a major player in their success. During this excursion you will learn the background of how alcohol, or at least the bar scene, has shaped the city. One of the more surprising pieces of information you will learn is how George Washington came to own the largest distillery in the country! No doubt he needed that. Thus, the history of Prohibition in DC is not only a must, but most likely one of the most interesting things you will learn - that is if you can remember it after this tour!

Temperance Fountain was gifted to DC in support of Prohibition. Now that is a statement of position! Located in Indiana Plaza, this is where we begin our exploration. Around this area are 3 of the most popular cocktail bars, and while sampling their drinks we can chat among ourselves and the staff. Learning about the people that frequent these local hangouts is as interesting as watching the production of the cocktail curator’s creations.

What we experienced at these cocktail stops will continue but in different locations. We include an underground speakeasy and then move to the top of a penthouse where you will sample a cocktail while taking in a spectacular view of the city, all the while talking about DC and the reasons that drinking has become a culture here.

- Additional food and beverages, bottles of alcohol or spirits, souvenirs, and gratuities are not included in this tour.
- We suggest you wear clothing appropriate for an evening out. Please avoid wearing shorts, baseball hats, tee shirts, and flip flops (thong sandals).

- You must have a governament-issued photo ID as proof of age. You may have a passport and/or driver’s license.
- Children and adults under the age of 21 years old are not permitted on this tour.

Days offered: 7 days a week

  • 07:30 PM, duration: 2.5 hours