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Teresa is a Certified Tahiti Travel Specialist and works with the Tahiti Tourism Board making sure her guests enjoy a fabulous holiday in Tahiti. Teresa lives on the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii. She's been a Travel Advisor for 20 years, specializing in tropical islands around the world but her true love is the South Pacific. Teresa has traveled throughout the South Pacific Islands and is on a first name basis with many of the resort owners. She has visited Fiji 7 times as well as Tahiti, Australia and New Zealand. Her speciality is multi-country holidays. Her agency, Luxury Hideaways, is rated A+ with the Hawaii Better Business Bureau.

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Mauna Kea Volcano Astrology Experience...A Shoretrips Premium Shared Van Tour

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Mauna Kea Volcano Astrology Experience...A Shoretrips Premium Shared Van Tour

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Mauna Kea Volcano Astrology Experience...A Shoretrips Premium Shared Van Tour - Mauna Kea Volcano Astrology Experience...A Shoretrips Premium Shared Van Tour. Copyright


The best vantage point to appreciate the expansiveness of our universe!

Our goal today is to bring you from 'sea' to summit - from your cruise ship to the tallest volcano in Hawaii, Mauna Kea. Over one million years old, and now dormant, Mauna Kea provides breathtaking views, a rich history and a bridge to Hawaii's ancient astrological practices.

With the perfect vantage point - the highest elevation in Hawaii - Mauna Kea has provided the perfect location for astrological research. Before we head towards the summit, we will make a stop at the Imiloa Astronomy Center's planetarium in Hilo where you will enjoy a star show and the perfect introduction to our astrological experience!

Once we have put you in the mood we will begin our journey up to Mauna Kea. Fortunately for you we will drive most of the way, though it is likely the altitude will have an affect on you. Near the summit you will experience one of the greatest astronomical complexes on earth. With the assistance of your guide you will utilize telescopes and other equipment to learn more about how we understand our universe.

This is an informative and rewarding experience!

- This program does involve walking on uneven terrain. The distance varies in length but is not more than 1/2 mile without a break.
- We suggest wearing closed toe shoes, dressing in layers, and bringing a light jacket or sweater. As the summit is a high altitude, temperatures can be very cold.
- This program includes park entry fees, as well as lunch and beverages.
- For lunch you will have a choice between turkey, ham, tuna, or veggie sandwich. Lunch will also include chips and a cookie.

- This program requires a minimum of 4 participants. This program can accommodate a maximum of 12 participants.
- You must be at least 16 years old to participate in this program.
- The altitude at the summer is over 13,000 ft. You should be in good health to participate in this program. This program is not recommended for pregnant women, those in poor health, or persons with respiratory or heart conditions.

Days offered: 7 days a week

  • 08:20 AM, duration: 7 hours