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From Auckland To Hobbiton - Private Tour

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From Auckland To Hobbiton - Private Tour

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From Auckland To Hobbiton - Private Tour - From Auckland To Hobbiton - Private Tour. Copyright ShoreTrips.com.


You don't even have to like movies to be enthralled by this tour.

Even though this tour involves a bit of journey, you will find it well worth the drive. Although you are anticipating your destination, please don't ignore the fabulous scenery through which you will travel. The rolling hills will reveal small historic river towns. You will marvel at the sacred Taupiri Moutain and Ngaruawahia, home of the famous Turangawaewaw Marae (Maori meeting place) and the seat of Aotearoa's Maori King. We've almost arrived at Middle-Earth, the town of Matamata. It now more commonly known as "Hobbiton Movie Set" since Peter Jackson chose it to be the humble home of J.R.R. Tolkien's beloved Hobbits from "The Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit" Movie trilogies.

When booking this 2-hour tour, you will have the option of choosing the general tour of the Hobbiton Movie Set, where you will join other visitors, or the private tour, which will allow you to act as director for a few minutes. You'll even get to call "action", just like "in the movies"!

Lot's of cool information awaits, such as how this bucolic location, dotted with sheep farms, was chosen, how the sets were created and which scenes were filmed here. The inviting landscape makes you want to stay forever. You will thrill at the chance to see the Hobbit holes, The Green Dragon Inn (where Samwise Gamgee wooed Rosie Cotton) the Mill, the famous Party Tree where Gandolf set off fireworks at Bilbo's birthday party. And, I've saved the best for last. You will also visit Bag End, with its curious, yet irresistible round door with the door knob right in the middle. This charming place was the home of Bilbo Baggins, then Frodo Baggins and eventually, home of Samewise Gamgee, his wife Rosie and their little Hobbits.

You will arrive back in Auckland, dreaming of Hobbits and savoring the memories of the day.

- Entrance to Hobbiton is included in the tour cost. This is a shared tour once there with a Hobbiton guide.
- Please wear comfortable walking shoes, outdoor clothing, and sunscreen.
- Lunch is included in the price of this tour. Please alert us to any dietary restrictions or limitations.

- The drive from Auckland to Hobbiton is approximately 2.5 hours each way. Hobbiton is Approximately one hour from Tauranga, a popular stop on most cruise itineraries. If you are visiting Tauranga, you may want to visit Hobbiton when there.

Days offered: 7 days a week

  • 07:00 AM, duration: 8 hours
  • 08:00 AM, duration: 8 hours
  • 09:00 AM, duration: 8 hours
  • 10:00 AM, duration: 8 hours
  • 11:00 AM, duration: 8 hours
  • 12:00 PM, duration: 8 hours