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Pampered In Paradise - Spa Day

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Pampered In Paradise - Spa Day

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Pampered In Paradise - Spa Day - Pampered In Paradise - Spa Day. Copyright ShoreTrips.com.


Discover a spa within a serene environment for day of Tranquility, Serenity and Luxury.

We love this property. We overwhelmed them so much with our bookings years ago that we parted ways and tested other options, never as good. Now we are back and very happy. This is the best spa on the island but very limited in space so please book early!

On this tour you will enjoy:
- Complete pampering
- Relaxing spa treatments
- Light lunch overlooking the sea
- Use of plunge pool and outdoor Jacuzzi
- Roundtrip transportation included

Waiting for you is a serene environment where only the sounds of the ocean and your own gentle breathing exist. The Spa is located on lovely Caye with its own private, quiet beach and surrounded by lush tropical vegetation. Share your surroundings with the tropical birds that call this Cay home: parrots, humming birds, wild pigeons, doves, egrets, and many more.

Treat yourself to four hours of complete pampering, with a luxurious spa treatment followed by a light lunch overlooking the sea. Drinks are an additional charge. You can enjoy the plunge pool and outdoor jacuzzi before and after your relaxing spa treatments.

Choose the treatment package that you would like to receive from our spa menu:

Tranquility: Complete body massage with European Facial. Facial selection will be made at the spa. 2 hours

Luxury: Complete detoxifying body wrap featuring Thalassotherapy. Includes full body Therapeutic Massage. 2 hours

Je T'aime for Two: Therapeutic Side by Side Couple's Massage which features massage oil infused with Ylang Ylang oil. Finish your experience with a chilled bottle of white wine. 1 hour

- The 30-minute transfer is included in both directions.
- Please bring swimsuit, beach towel, insect repellent, sunscreen, and cash for any drinks. Please remember a gratuity for your spa services. 15% is suggested.
- If you are not participating in a spa activity, there is the option to purchase a "DAY USE" ticket, to utilize the onsite private facilities. This will include:
Lunch (plate of the day)
Snorkeling (please bring your own snorkel gear)
Use of pool and jacuzzi
Towel service
Complimentary herbal tea
- Spa services sell out fast because they only accept four ShoreTrips guests per day. Please reserve early.

- Please note that in Roatan there is some confusion about ship time vs. local time. Please see the purser on your ship to clarify whether your ship changes its time to local time so you don't miss your excursion. As each ship is ruled by its captain, it is your responsibility to confirm this while you are sailing. This is a spa service and it is important that you arrive on time.
- You will need to be able to enter/exit a water taxi in order to get to the spa. Also, any physical limitations or health issues should be considered prior to starting any spa service: allergies, chronic illness, medications.
- It is very important that you bring your pre-paid voucher with you to the spa. DO NOT give it to your taxi driver. If you arrive without a voucher, you may be turned away at the door.
- This property is a spa/retreat and is not an appropriate destination for small children.
- Should your ship not make port due to weather or other difficulty, you must notify the spa immediately via phone or e-mail. Not notifying the spa could result in a $50 fee.

Days offered: 7 days a week

  • , duration: 4 hours Spa time will be assigned based on your ship's arrival time.