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Shoretrips Give...Animal Assistance And Care

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Shoretrips Give...Animal Assistance And Care

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Shoretrips Give...Animal Assistance And Care - Shoretrips Give...Animal Assistance And Care. Copyright Just a spacer


The perfect choice for animal lovers!

ShoreTrips has recently joined forces with Hope Floats, a non-profit, based in California, that, like us, has a number of volunteer-based activities already setup. ShoreTrips is privileged to be able to work with Hope Floats as we share a mutual love for the well-being of the islands. With the help of our travelers, we are certain we can make a lasting impression in the Caribbean.

Volunteer opportunities:
- Animal Care
- Grooming, bathing and feeding animals
- Walking dogs
- Assist moving animals to different areas of the facility

This facility is about working to help the animals in our community and we have been doing just that since 1996. This clinic, which opened in April 1996, began with two rooms, no electricity, 24 kennels, one vet and one kennel worker. Today, they have 14 employees and care for over 300 animals per month, either found astray or given up by their owners for a variety of reasons. The staff does their best to care for them and place them in good, loving homes.

Volunteers are a crucial part of this operation. They foster animals in need, escort them to their new homes, assist in fundraising, coordinate adoptions...and much more! Being a volunteer is a great way to get to know about some of our shelter pets as well as make new friends with other volunteers!

- Taking a taxi to the facility is recommended for this volunteer site. Specific instructions will appear on your voucher.
Facility Supplies Wish List
- Dog and cat treats
- Dog collars (with hard plastic clasp) and leashes, small and medium sized.
- Cat collars
- Dog toys Kong and Nylabone preferred please!
- Cat toys
- Cat's scratching posts
- Cat beds and more
- Medicated shampoo for dogs and cats and kittens
- Frontline PLUS flea and tick prevention medicine
- Office supplies: pens, paper clips, scissors, markers, etc.
- Old towels, pillowcases and soft fleece blankets
- Soft cat beds
- Kennels

ShoreTrips GIVE was developed to connect travelers with ongoing volunteer projects in the Caribbean. To accomplish this, ShoreTrips has partnered with Hope Floats, a non-profit foundation, which has agreed to organize these activities and to provide a meet and greet representative. The fee to participate in a GIVE activity covers all administration costs as well as a small donation to the organization. Because of its off-shore location, the fee is not tax deductible.

- This facility can accommodate up to 15 volunteers a day.
- Physical Involvement Level: Moderate
- Minimum Age: 6-years-old
- Please be mindful of the clothing you wear today.
- Bathroom facilities are provided at the location.
- Bottled water can be purchased on site.
- If you have more than 6 people in your party, please call ShoreTrips for additional pricing.

Days offered: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

  • 09:00 AM, duration: 4 hours