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Antigua Preschool

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Lend a hand at an Antigua preschool!

ShoreTrips has recently joined forces with Hope Floats, a non-profit, based in California, that, like us, has a number of volunteer-based activities already setup. ShoreTrips is privileged to be able to work with Hope Floats as we share a mutual love for the well-being of the islands. With the help of our travelers, we are certain we can make a lasting impression in the Caribbean.

Volunteer opportunities:
- Assist teachers in all classrooms
- Sing and read books with the children
- Refurbish new donations
- General maintenance within the facility

This special Antiguan preschool focuses on the early childhood education of children 2-5 years old and currently has 90 enrolled students. Since the late 1800s the organization has made a point to serve the marginalized in practical, skilled and cost-effective ways. Their partnership with both public and private philanthropy groups has helped the needy for over 100 years.

Upon your arrival to the facility you will be greeted and directed to your task. In some cases you will have a choice and others you will be encouraged to join in on the work most necessary for the organization. Most tasks require no previously acquired skills but all need your love and dedication to help those served by the organization.

- School supply donations are greatly appreciated: Crayons, coloring books, pens, erasers, small staplers, lunch boxes and backpacks are just a few examples.
- Please be mindful of the clothing you wear today.
- Bottled water and bathroom facilities are provided at the location.
- Depending on where you dock the meeting location for this program is approximately a 5-10 minute walk.

ShoreTrips GIVE was developed to connect travelers with ongoing volunteer projects in the Caribbean. To accomplish this, ShoreTrips has partnered with Hope Floats, a non-profit foundation, which has agreed to organize these activities and to provide a meet and greet representative. The fee to participate in a GIVE activity covers all administration costs; the fee is not tax deductible.

- Please note that this site is closed from June 25 through September 1 for summer break. If you are interested in volunteering here in August, there may be a need to get the school ready for re-opening. Please contact ShoreTrips with dates to see if we can accommodate your party..
- If you have more than 6 people in your party, please call ShoreTrips for additional pricing.

Days offered: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

  • 09:00 AM, duration: 4 hours