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Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa

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Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa

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Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa - Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa. Copyright Emirates Group.

Encompassing 40 free-standing luxury suites, each with its own private terrace and swimming pool, Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa was built using today's cutting edge technology and yet perfectly echoes the original heritage architecture, allowing it to blend seamlessly with the vastness and dramatic beauty of the Australian bush. Using world-leading conservation measures, the original Homestead has been carefully restored to its former glory.

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Wolgan Valley- One and Only Resort

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Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa is an exclusive conservation-based resort bordering the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area in Australia.

The resort is less than three hours away from Sydney, where 4,000 acres of land is incorporated into a conservancy reserve. Located between two national parks and spread out at the foot of towering sandstone cliffs, the resort is integrated into its environment. Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa occupys less than two per cent of the total land area, comprises 40 free-standing suites for up to 90 guests and a main homestead with a full range of luxury facilities, and stand alone Timeless Spa.

Emirates has a long-term plan for the development and renewal of this land area, beginning with the removal of invasive plants and feral fauna, and works closely with environmental and government agencies to reintroduce threatened local species such as koalas, spotted-tailed quolls, yellow-bellied gliders and brush-tailed rock wallabies. With Emirates' aim to achieve international recognition for habitat and conservation practices, it is hoped this will highlight conservation issues in Australia.

Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa is the first carbon neutral resort in the world to be certified through an accredited greenhouse gas programme and seeks to maintain this certification through its ongoing commitment to the environment. Sustainability is an integral part of the Wolgan Valley development.

Environmentally sustainable practices such as rainwater collection, grey water recycling, the use of solar power, energy efficient and recycled materials, are incorporated in the framework of a green architecture that ensures the resort sits lightly within its environs.

Amongst our many initiatives, thousands of native flora have been planted on-site and thousands more will be planted in the near future. The active participation in wildlife protection and habitat management is key to development and visitor experience.

The aim is to create a natural sanctuary where guests can enjoy absolute luxury, tranquillity and connection with nature. The resort has been designed to co-exist with its environment in a manner that is sympathetic to the very special natural, cultural and scenic values of the valley.