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Wedding...Helicopter Wedding On A Glacier

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Wedding...Helicopter Wedding On A Glacier

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Wedding...Helicopter Wedding On A Glacier - Wedding...Helicopter Wedding On A Glacier. Copyright


This is one way to make sure you are high on your wedding day! (Bride & Groom plus 3 guests)

Getting married on a glacier reflects some of the symbolism of marriage itself -- two people joining their lives together, yet maintaining their individuality -- standing together in a spectacular setting and committing to go forward hand-in-hand.

This trip uses a six-passenger helicopter. The commissioner takes one seat, which leaves room for the bride and groom, and potentially three guests (for an additional fee).

Juneau's most famous attraction, its ice fields, makes a stunning backdrop for a marriage ceremony.

Your helicopter flight will take you over vast fields of ice, where you may see mountain goats, bears, and deer, to a landing spot at an elevation between 1,800 and 3,000 feet. The carpet beneath your feet will be a sheet of ice about 1,500 feet thick and you will be surrounded by peaks that look tame from above, but are actually massive ice flows when you are standing among them.

The isolation and seclusion you will feel here will heighten the importance of this special moment in your lives.

Whether you decide to wear white, lightweight clothing, or something more rugged to fit the background scene, your faces will reflect the goosebumps you feel while standing on one of nature's miracles.

You may consult with the wedding coordinator after purchasing this package to add options such as a photographer, live music, a wedding cake, and an upgrade in floral selections. ShoreTrips will connect you directly with the coordinator to make those requests.

- We will provide boots and rain gear for glacier weddings.
- We suggest that you bring a coat, shawl, or wrap as the temperatures may be between 40 and 60 degrees.
- There is potential room for other guests in the helicopter. This option is based on the weight of each passenger. Please call ShoreTrips for proper pricing based on the amount of witnesses you will have in your party and their weight in pounds.

- If the flight is canceled due to weather, the ceremony will be held in the lovely Glacier Gardens, another highlight of Juneau's natural beauty and you will receive a refund for the helicopter portion of this package.
- There is a $150 cancellation fee for all weddings cancelled 30 days or more prior to the wedding date. There is a $250 cancellation fee for all weddings cancelled between 11 and 29 days prior to the wedding date. No refunds will be given for bookings cancelled less than 10 days prior to the wedding date.
- Any further cancellation fees will be determined by you and the coordinator for extra planning beyond this package.

Days offered: 7 days a week

  • 10:00 AM, duration: 2.5 hours Wedding times are flexible.
  • 12:00 PM, duration: 2.5 hours Wedding times are flexible.
  • 02:00 PM, duration: 2.5 hours Wedding times are flexible.
  • 04:00 PM, duration: 2.5 hours Wedding times are flexible.