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Freedom Trail - Walking Tour...A Shoretrips Premium Shared Tour

Explore > United States > Massachusetts > Freedom Trail - Walking Tour...A Shoretrips Premium Shared Tour

Freedom Trail - Walking Tour...A Shoretrips Premium Shared Tour

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Freedom Trail - Walking Tour...A Shoretrips Premium Shared Tour - Freedom Trail - Walking Tour...A Shoretrips Premium Shared Tour. Copyright ShoreTrips.com.


Set out on the Freedom Trail and learn lots of history with your wonderful guide.

It's amazing how much we think we know about our own history, but really don't. This tour will make your schoolbooks come alive, but don't worry, your guide won't embarrass you if you're a little rusty on your facts!

On this tour, you'll see/visit:
- Freedom Trail
- Boston Common
- State House
- Park Street Church
- Granary Burying Ground
- King's Chapel
- Benjamin Franklin statue/Boston Latin School
- Old Corner Bookstore
- Old South Meeting House
- Old State House
- Site of the Boston Massacre
- Faneuil Hall
- Paul Revere House
- Old North Church
- Copp's Hill Burying Ground

The Freedom Trail is a 2.5 mile red-brick walking trail that leads you to 16 nationally significant historic sites, every one an authentic American treasure. It is a unique collection of museums, churches, meeting houses, burying grounds, parks, a ship, and historic markers that tell the story of the American Revolution.

Walk along the Freedom Trail at an ideal pace as your knowledgeable guide explains all about what you're seeing and why it's important. The trail actually covers about two and a half centuries of America's most significant history!

Freedom Trail sites include: Boston Common, State House, Park Street Church, Granary Burying Ground, King's Chapel, Benjamin Franklin statue/Boston Latin School, Old Corner Bookstore, Old South Meeting House, Old State House, Site of the Boston Massacre, Faneuil Hall, Paul Revere House, Old North Church, Copp's Hill Burying Ground.

- This is an ALL walking tour. If you feel uncomfortable with walking long distances (approximately 2.5-3 miles), then we do not recommend this tour.

- This tour requires a minimum of 6 bookings to run. You will be combined with other travelers.

- Please keep in mind that this is a shared tour. It is not private. The tour operator must maintain his schedule for a fair and successful day for all.

- You are purchasing a shared tour and you will be expected to maintain the pace of the group. If you use a walker, wheelchair or scooter or if you have mobility problems you will be refused service and not refunded. We suggest that you purchase a private tour for your best enjoyment.

Days offered: 7 days a week

  • 08:00 AM, duration: 4 hours
  • 10:00 AM, duration: 4 hours
  • 12:00 PM, duration: 4 hours