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Savoring Rome - A Walking Tour For Food Lovers

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Savoring Rome - A Walking Tour For Food Lovers

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Savoring Rome - A Walking Tour For Food Lovers - Savoring Rome - A Walking Tour For Food Lovers. Copyright Just a spacer


A group exploration of gelato, espresso, pizza, & other Roman foods, led by a chef or food writer

This is not a traditional walking tour company. The people who lead these walks are specialists -- art historians, classicists, archaeologists, architects -- who possess a deep knowledge of the city. They lead the walks like professors lead seminar classes, with in-depth conversations about themes and topics related to Rome, using the city itself as a text book. Participants should be prepared for their itineraries to take a variety of different courses, depending on the guide, the tour group members, the season and conditions in the city on any given day. There are no scripts and no guidebook lists of facts.

This company is devoted to sustainable tourism, and a certain part of all their itineraries deals with ways that our participants can help preserve the cultural heritage of the cities where they operate.

Rome is, arguably, one of Europe's top food destinations. Gastronomic culture in the city can be traced back to Roman times and this strong link to the past, added to more recent outside influences, makes for a unique, stimulating, and diverse eating experience.

This tour will touch on a few of the city's most cherished food traditions, with an emphasis on Rome's revered street food culture.

Our guide, a food writer, chef or culinary educator, will lead us through the backstreets of the dense historical center, linking our sensorial encounters with coffee, chocolate, pizza and ice cream to contextual information on the evolution of Rome's eternal fixation with culinary delights.

This walk begins close to the Jewish Ghetto, where we can sample some of the legendary fried snacks that make up a large part of traditional Roman gastronomy and can be traced back to the Jewish community.

Though our route through the historic center will vary depending on the season and the interests of the group, we will hit several different local shops that highlight the rich food culture of Rome.

Our time will most certainly include an experience with a coffee (or cappuccino) at one of two historic cafes near the Pantheon. Here, we will discuss the history of coffee culture and its introduction into Italian society in the 16th century.

Though originally emerging from Naples, pizza, and more specifically, thin-crusted Roman style pizza, is a major player on the city's street food scene. Pizza al taglio, or by the slice, is the epitome of an on-the-go nosh, quick lunch or late-night snack. At a local pizzeria, we will discuss characteristic varieties, especially the renowned pizza bianca, together with the common pizza accompaniment -- fritti, deep-fried vegetable snacks.

To end on a sweet note, we will wrap up our walk at a family-run, artisanal gelateria, where gelato is made by hand using the freshest ingredients sourced from all over Italy. We will discuss the difference between industrial and hand-made gelato and the guide will train our eyes to differentiate ice cream created with chemical additives, as opposed to genuine products.

You will come away from this tour with an appreciation for and understanding of the rich culinary tradition that still exists in the center of Rome. Using the lessons learned with our gastronomic expert, you will be able to navigate Rome's cafes and food shops like a native.

This shared small-group walking tour includes
- A food writer, chef or culinary educator guide
- Walking tour through the backstreets of Rome’s historical center
- Fried snacks near the historic Jewish Ghetto
- Coffee (or cappuccino) at a historic cafe near the Pantheon
- Pizza al taglio, or by the slice, at a local pizzeria
- Handmade gelato at a family-run, artisanal gelateria
- All tastings conducted during the walk are included in the tour price.

- This tour is not offered on 1/1, 5/1, 8/8-8/30, 12/24-12/26 and 12/31.
- Maximum of 6 people per tour.
- Minimum age is 12 years old.
- Please alert ShoreTrips in advance of any dietary restrictions or food allergies. We will do our best to accommodate.

Days offered: Tuesday, Thursday

  • 09:00 AM, duration: 3 hours Duration of tour is approximate.