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St. Martin Island Tour

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St. Martin Island Tour

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St. Martin Island Tour - St. Martin Island Tour. Copyright Just a spacer


This 3-hour island tour includes a shopping stop in the French town of Marigot.

I always thought of St. Martin as a bit schizophrenic, but now that I know the story of its Dutch/French split, it makes so much sense that I think it should be implemented elsewhere.

Two men were dispatched from opposite sides of the island and the point at which they met determined the dividing line. France acquired three-fifths of the island, while the Netherlands procured a smaller portion, but one that had greater natural resources.

And, they all lived happily ever after.

This is the perfect tour for visitors who want to experience the REAL St. Martin. Our adventure begins with a drive to Lookout Point on Cole Bay Hill for amazing panoramic views of Cay Bay, Cole Bay, Simpson Bay, and the beautiful blue Caribbean Sea.

Moving seamlessly from the Dutch side of the island to the French side, we'll make a stop in the French capital city of Marigot, where you'll have time to stroll, shop and experience the French atmosphere in this busy, yet peaceful, town.

As our tour continues, we'll visit the quaint fishing village of Grand Case and learn about its charm. We'll also make a stop at another vista point, with views of Orient Bay and, in the distance, St. Barts.

Throughout this excursion, we'll see the influence of both the Dutch and the French as we explore this island paradise with two nationalities, a lot of Caribbean culture, and a little bit of European flavor.

- There is a minimum of 2 people required to operate this tour. It is not a private tour.

Days offered: 7 days a week

  • 09:00 AM, duration: 3 hours
  • 10:30 AM, duration: 3 hours Only available for ships arriving at 10am.
  • 01:30 PM, duration: 3 hours Only available for ships arriving at 11am or later.