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Bike Down Haleakala - Kahului Pickup

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Bike Down Haleakala - Kahului Pickup

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Bike Down Haleakala - Kahului Pickup - Bike Down Haleakala - Kahului Pickup. Copyright Just a spacer


Bike the world's longest downhill run from Mount Haleakala's 6,500 foot elevation.

This is a tour so well-known that many people hear about it without even knowing where to do it.

The sunrise tour is famous as it starts EARLY in the morning and allows you to see one of the most spectacular solar displays found anywhere!

For this ultra-thrilling tour, you'll be transported by van to Haleakala National Park, where you'll stand atop Maui's magnificent 10,023 foot Haleakala volcano. This enormous crater is 21 miles in circumference, 3,000 feet deep, and is large enough to fit Manhattan Island within. After taking in the beauty of this incredible natural wonder, you'll reboard the van and descend to 6,500 feet, where you'll be fitted with a Worksman Cruiser Style Bike, as well as a helmet, windbreaker jacket, pants, and gloves.

Now you're ready for the next leg of your adventure. You'll be biking downhill for 20 miles along the side of a dormant volcano, yet you'll be pedaling for only 400 yards.

This all sounds a bit dangerous so it was our job to seek out the BEST company for the job and we did just that. We found the originators!

Please note that as romantic as this tour sounds, it is not for novices. You should be an experienced biker to handle the switchbacks, which are extensive at the beginning of the trip.

- If you are staying at a hotel total tour duration will vary based on drive time and the location of your hotel, but is usually around 10 hours.
- Dress warmly. We will provide excellent bicycles, as well as a helmet, windbreaker jacket, pants, and gloves.
- Please wear closed-toe shoes (sneakers or hiking shoes, not flip-flops/slippers) and protective eyewear.
- Bring an energy bar, camera, sunglasses, hat (with ear coverage), sunscreen, casual, comfortable pants and a long-sleeve T-shirt or hoodie. It gets cold on top of the mountain, but you will shed the layers on your decent and can leave your gear in the van.
- Anyone who doesn’t want to or can’t ride a bicycle is welcome to ride in the escort van, however, the price is the same.

- Minimum age is 12 years. Minimum height is 5 feet.
- No beginners or pregnant women.
- It is highly recommended that you travel with a cell phone as it helps facilitate pickup.
- If you have heart problems or high blood pressure, please check with your doctor before booking this tour. All riders must sign a waiver form.
- Anyone that has been scuba diving the day before, is under the age of twelve (12) years, has medical problems that will not allow them to safely ride a bicycle, is pregnant, or over 260 pounds will not be accepted.

Days offered: 7 days a week

  • 02:40 AM, duration: 8 hours Start times fluctuate with the season. Duration is approximate.