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Road To Hana Local Style...Kahului Departure

Explore > United States > Maui > Road To Hana Local Style...Kahului Departure

Road To Hana Local Style...Kahului Departure

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Road To Hana Local Style...Kahului Departure - Road To Hana Local Style...Kahului Departure. Copyright ShoreTrips.com.


This day trip covers all of the incredible sights to behold on the Road to Hana.

Hop aboard one of our 12-passenger Comfort Cruisers and enjoy breathtaking views of the Hana Highway as our guides share their love and knowledge of this magnificent stretch of road with you.

As your day begins, your guide will talk about the island's history and lore. The winding road to Hana possesses a mystical quality and is the most famous drive in all of Hawaii. You'll feel as though you're traveling through Maui's rain forest on this slow, meandering trip through a lush paradise.

Encompassing 52 miles, 617 curves, and 56 one-lane bridges, the Hana Highway starts in Kahului and passes through sugar cane fields and the beach town of Paia as we make our way through Maui's spectacular tropical rain forest.

The Pools Of Oheo Gulch are part of Haleakala National Park and are located in eastern Maui, about 40 minutes beyond Hana. Formed by the Pipiwai Stream, this series of waterfalls and pools at the shoreline is the most popular attraction in all of east Maui. When weather conditions are favorable, it's great for swimming, but since swimming is not always an option, your driver/guide will discuss alternatives as you enjoy your ride.

Not far beyond the Pools is the Palapala Hoomau Church with its tiny cemetery, where the American aviation pioneer Charles Lindbergh is buried. This is definitely worth a stop.

Unlike anything you've probably seen before, lava tubes are created when lava from volcanic vents forms a river that crusts over on top. These tubes can transport lava for over 20 miles and are certainly a sight to see.

Weather permitting, this tour circles the base of Haleakala (Maui's sleeping volcano) on dirt roads without bridges.

During the course of the day, you'll be treated to a lovely picnic lunch buffet and complimentary beverages.

- If your ship docks at 8am, you CAN take the 8:05am trip.
- The price of this tour includes a delicious picnic lunch buffet. Please inform us if you would like a vegetarian lunch or have food allergies.
- Please bring your swimsuit if you plan on swimming at the Pools of Oheo.

- There is a maximum of 12 passengers per van.
- Please note that if you are on a ship that stops in Maui for two consecutive days, you must book this tour for the first day you are in port. The tour typically runs 8.5 hours, though on occasion may be up to 10 hours.
- Your tour operator suggests you eat breakfast prior to the tour and make sure you have your ID with you before leaving the ship. There will not be time to return to the ship.
- If you are staying on the top of Maui's head (the west coast of the island), your tour begins first. Pickup times start at 6:15 a.m. in Kapalua.
- If you are staying at a hotel, you'll be advised of your pickup time when your booking is confirmed.
- Length is approximate, but will coincide with the cruise ship schedule.
- PLEASE NOTE: No walkers, wheelchairs, or scooters of ANY kind can be taken on this tour.

Days offered: 7 days a week

  • 08:05 AM, duration: 8.5 hours Kahului pier departure time. Hotel guests will be advised of exact times. Length is approximate.