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Thala Beach Lodge

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Thala Beach Lodge

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Thala Beach Lodge - Thala Beach Lodge. Copyright Thala Beach Lodge.

Thala Beach Lodge is located on the northernmost headland of a 2km stretch of untouched coastline. The views from our restaurant are panoramic, taking in the Far North Queensland coast from Double Island to Cape Tribulation, and from the sparkling waters of the Great Barrier Reef to the World Heritage Forests that cover our coastal ranges.

Thala is located 10 minutes, by regular shuttle, from Port Douglas. All tours in the Cairns, Port Douglas area pick up at the Lodge. All local specialist tours can be arranged for you after arrival.

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Thala Beach Lodge is a privately owned five star luxury beach resort, situated 38 kilometres North of the city of Cairns and 16 kilometres South of the village of Port Douglas. Timber bungalows are scattered amongst a hundred and forty five acres of wooded headland and secluded beaches. It is one of the world's most beautiful private beach locations.

The story of the natural history of Australia is unique and Thala nurtures this environment. Grass Trees sprout along pathways, their scaly black trunks topped with tufted grassy headdresses, stunted reminders of a land long ago. Slate paving, cut from a nearby quarry, show glimpses of Gondwana in fossils over 400 million years old.

The main building at this Port Douglas retreat is designed to embrace all the elements of the tropics. Built from local timbers, it is open and spacious, allowing the cool sea breezes to flow. The polished timber reflects the warm sun of the tropics by day and the soft flicker of lamp light by night.

Birds are a constant source of entertainment with Lorikeets, Sun Birds and Honey Eaters taking advantage of the high ceilings to swoop through the dining room and bar. Kookaburras watch quizzically from nearby trees.

Travel Agent Reviews

Review date:   September 19, 2014 1:02PM
Review:   Recommended for: Couples, Honeymooners

Pros: Upon arrival at the Thala Lodge, everything is put at ease as you are greeted with a welcome drink as your bags are brought to your own private bungalow. Showcasing a lush architectural design and fabulous staff, our stay at the Thala Lodge was among the highlights of our entire vacation in Australia. Featuring an exotic rock pool, various beach entries, and several on site activities, there was always something to do at the Lodge. Should you feel the need to do more, the staff is very knowledgeable and was able to offer additional options. Dining at the property was top notch, and was able to cater to food restrictions (ie gluten free, etc). Picnic basket dinning was even offered should one feel the need to have a small bite during their activity! Being in a secluded area, a shuttle service was offered for those wanting to go up to Port Douglas. Best be sure to know the shuttle times as you may find yourself paying for a cab or waiting for an extended time if you are to mess up!

Cons: Enjoying our stay at the Thala Lodge, we have no major complaints. A few minimal issues we had were that small children were allowed in the dinning room, which is okay if the children would behave. However, when you are enjoying a several hundred dollar dinner and there is a kid running around and/or screaming at the table next to you, doesn't always make for the desired atmosphere! Additionally, the hot tub is heated by the sun during the day and very cold at night, which didn't help if you wanted to wind down and relax in the hot tub after a long day of participating in tours or traveling!

Travel Agent:  
Lynn Hakam, L & M Travel   Lynn Hakam
L & M Travel
Fountain Valley, CA US

Rating (out of 5 stars):  

Google Reviews

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Review date:   December 22, 2017 7:13AM
Review:   A privileged location, Thala Beach an example of construction respecting the environment. The rooms are spacious and comfortable. The staff is incredibly helpful and friendly. The only drawback is that it's difficult to get to places id you don't have a car, since it's pretty much isolated. The food at the restaurant is really nice but be ready to pay 50-60 dollars per person for an entrée and a main course.
Author:   Teresa Gomez
Rating (out of 3 stars):  

Review date:   October 27, 2017 12:51PM
Review:   Very nice place. Loved the cottage. Wonderful beach and grounds. Pleasant staff. Very helpful. Food options need improvement. Need simple choices and easier access
Author:   Phil Hunsberger
Rating (out of 3 stars):  

Review date:   August 21, 2017 2:33AM
Review:   Fantastic service! Amazing views and facilities I regret not staying longer, I would have changed my trip to stay one more night instead of staying two nights in Cairns. The staff was very friendly and so calm that place ricks of serenity. The food at the restaurant was Delicious and well served. I will come back.
Author:   Juan Luis Hernandez Flores
Rating (out of 3 stars):  

Review date:   September 7, 2017 8:39AM
Review:   My mum and I had the most amazing holiday and can't wait to come back! Exceptional service, utter relaxation, and fantastic food. The chef went above and beyond for my vegan diet and you could see the love and care given.
Author:   Nicola Vircoe
Rating (out of 3 stars):  

Review date:   January 2, 2018 7:27PM
Review:   My wife and I stayed at Thala Beach Nature Reserve at the recommendation of our travel agent. After checking in, we found ourselves disappointed in many ways and realized Thala was not the kind of experience we were looking. There were many reasons we were not happy with our decision to stay there and we assumed that other guest staying there would share the same misgivings, however after speaking to some of the other guest we found that while some of them were as disappointment as we were, there were others who were completely happy. So, although Thala was not the right experience for us, it may be just fine for others. The reason for my review is not to criticize the resort or the staff (who were very nice) but to provide information I wish I had prior to making our reservation. I'm not sure if Thala claims to be a resort or not but it certainly does not seem like one. It seems more like nice campground. As the website mentions, Thala is located on a private headland between Cairns and Port Douglas. The headland is basically small mountain surrounded by the ocean. At the top of the mountain is the main lodge and scattered down the mountain, until you reach the ocean, are the guest cabins. The location is approximately 50 minutes from Cairns and about 15 minutes to Port Douglas. More than likely you will be either spending your time on the property (and there is not a lot to do on the property) or in Port Douglas. If you did not drive and you do not have a rental car, you will need to rely on the independent shuttle service that can take you to Port Douglas for $20 round trip, per person. Looking at the website you will see that the headland property has some amazing views, however once you tour the property you will find that the owners have stopped doing the necessary landscaping to maintain open views of the surrounding mountains and ocean. Our cabin balcony was completely overgrown with trees which made it impossible to see anything. Furthermore, and kind of ridiculous, is that there are designated "look-out" areas on the property which really could have some amazing views, however since they also lack landscaping, the trees have grown and completely blocked any clear visibility. Walking up and down the mountain from your cabin to the main lodge is quite a chore. It is very steep and will take a lot of effort. If Thala was a resort I imagine they would offer their guest complementary pick-up service to bring you to-and-from the main lodge but that was never offered to us. I would recommend to anyone planning a trip there to book a cabin as close to the main lodge as possible. The cabins are very dated. Not only are they dated in décor, but they also lack Wi-Fi, so if you need a Wi-Fi signal you will need to hike up to the main lodge. The guest room safes are not digital, like in most modern resorts, rather they use a key, which you will need to get from the main desk. The lack of Wi-FI was a big deal to us, however the old safe was not, however both are an indication that the owners are not interested in modernizing the property If you are looking for pool-side or beach-side service, Thala is not your resort. In fact, unless you are in the restaurant or at the bar you really won’t receive any service at all and that is probably because of the skeleton crew they staff the property with which consist of about 4 or 5 people (or so it seemed). Also, as far as I know, there are no laundry facilities or service available at Thala. If you need to do laundry while staying there you will need to take it to a laundromat in Port Douglas.
Author:   Troy Tilton
Rating (out of 3 stars):