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What does a Visual Itinerary look like?

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  We've got a short video presentation that walks you through from the client perspective here.

How do I use this as a sales tool?

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  Really, this tool is best at helping your client choose a destination, or choose places to stay & things to see and do at a destination.

We've got the kind of content that helps you show a client really how fabulous that trip will be, and move them from "just thinking about it"   to "honey, we've GOT to go!".
  • Create a sample itinerary for each of your favorite destinations, and use these to show a client what each destination is like overall.
  • Share those sample itineraries on your own Facebook page to stir up interest in travel with your existing friends, and remind them of what you do for a living.
  • Link to those sample itineraries from your website and/or blog, as it will help those itineraries show up in Google searches for the specific hotels and activities listed.
  • Once your client is set on a specific destination, create an itinerary with the hotel options you are recommending, to help them see them side-by-side and make their decision.
  • Last but not least, once they've settled on the destination and hotel, trim down their itinerary to just include what they have planned, and invite them to share their exciting upcoming trip with their friends on Facebook.

How hard is it to create a Visual Itinerary?

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  It's super easy--it takes about 1 minute. Essentially you're just picking your destination, then picking hotels and tours from a big checklist.

We've got a short video presentation to show you how this works: click here.

How do I get my contact info on my itineraries?

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  You can edit your contact information by clicking on the My Profile tab. We've got a short video presentation that shows how to set this up: click here.

How can I use this to get new clients?

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  Three great ways (for starters!):
  1. Create a few fabulous sample itineraries, showing the kinds of trips you like to book, and post those on your Facebook page.
  2. Once you've got a trip set up for a client, ask your client if they'd like to share it on Facebook so their friends can see where they're going and what they're going to experience.
  3. Link to your sample itineraries from your website or blog--Visual Itineraries pages rank very well in Google searches, and when someone finds your itinerary in the search results, it will have your name, photo, and contact info on it.

Why share itineraries on Facebook?

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  The average Facebook user has about 160 friends. When your client shares their upcoming trip on Facebook, some of those 160 friends will take a look...and, if they're interested, there's your contact info on every page. And remember, they know they already have a reference for you--their friend who just booked the trip and shared their itinerary!

What destinations do you support?

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  We're adding destinations all the time--for a list that's up to date as of this very second, click here.

What if I need a hotel or tour you don't offer?

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  Just email us at , giving us the hotel name or tour you'd like to see, and we'll put it on our list, and give you an estimate of when we will have it loaded.

What if I need a destination you don't offer?

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  Just email us at , giving us the destination name and the properties and points of interest you'd like to see, and we'll put it on our list, and give you an estimate of when we will have it loaded.

How much does it cost?

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  Each new itinerary you create costs $1, capped at a maximum of $20 per month. You'll be billed at the beginning of each month for the itineraries you created in the prior month.

You will NOT be billed for any itineraries you inactivate or delete, so if you make a mistake, don't won't cost you. You are only billed once for each itinerary.

How do I pay for my itineraries?

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  You'll receive an email invoice at the start of each month, for the charges incurred in the prior month. You can then log in and click the My Account tab to see your account history, and to make a payment. Payments are made by credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express).

Do I have to I pay for my sample itineraries?

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  Nope--as long as you link to them from somewhere like your website or your blog, we'll credit you back for those. Just send email us at with a link to your site or blog page where the links are and we'll apply $1 credit for each one.

Is my credit card # safe?

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  Yes--we don't store your credit card number after we process a payment; and, we use industry-standard SSL encryption to protect your credit card information during the transaction.

Since we don't keep your credit card information, there's no possibility of a hacker breaking into our site and stealing it--it's not there to steal.

What happens if I don't pay for my itineraries?

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  About 2 weeks after you receive your invoice by email, you'll receive another email telling you your itineraries have been inactivated. Your existing itineraries won't show your contact information, and while you can create new itineraries, you cannot share them with clients or on Facebook or your website until you're paid up.

Once you're paid up, your itineraries all get reactivated and your contact info shows once again.

Do you share/sell my clients' email addresses?

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  Absolutely not. The ONLY thing your clients' email addresses are used for is to put them in the 'to' field when you click the button to launch a new email message with your email program (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.) to email a particular itinerary to that client.

Visual Itineraries will NEVER email your clients, and will NEVER share or sell their email addresses with anyone.

What are these links all about?

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  When people share a link in an email, sometimes the recipient's email program will break the link into two lines (especially if it's a long URL). is a web service that essentially provides 'shorthand' for long web page URLs. We automatically create a link for each itinerary you build, so that when you share it, there's virtually zero chance that the link will be broken by an email program and not work when the client clicks on it.

When someone clicks on a link, they are immediately redirected to the original, long URL for the website.

What's that funny bar code for?

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  On each itinerary, you'll see a square barcode in the lower left of the page. That's a QR code, which contains a link to that particular itinerary. People with iPhones, iPads, Android phones, etc. can run an app that will scan that bar code and pop up your visual itinerary in the browser on their phone.

Why should I put my Google+ profile in?

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  If you've got your Google+ profile entered, we'll add a special link to it in the footer of each of your itineraries. If Google then shows your itinerary in the search results, Google will put your photo next to your itinerary, which really makes it stand out in the search results.

Learn more about Google+ setup and configuration for your Visual Itineraries here.

Does it work on iPhones? Macs?

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  Visual Itineraries works on most browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. It works on smartphones like iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.

Note that some virtual tours won't work on iPhones and iPads if they're written using Flash--Adobe and Apple can't seem to cooperate yet and so nothing written in Flash runs on the Apple mobile devices, unfortunately.

How do I book the more obscure stuff?

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  We recognize that you already know how to book hotels, flights, etc. of course, using your preferred suppliers. For more unusual destinations and activities, we will often provide a green Booking Info button when you're editing the itinerary, and you can click on that to show who the supplier is for that item, their contact info, etc.

And don't worry, only YOU the agent can see this booking info button--it doesn't show in the client's view of the itinerary.

I want to copy an itinerary for a new client

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  Often, you'll want to create an itinerary for a new client that's a lot like one you created for another client in the past--or, maybe it's a lot like one of your sample itineraries. Good news! You can 'clone' an itinerary, then modify the new version to suit the new client.

Here's what to do:
  • Create the new client (names, emails, notes).
  • Go into the old itinerary as if you were going to edit it.
  • At the bottom right, look for Clone this itinerary.
  • Select the NEW client from the list and then click Clone.
  • Go to your new client, and you'll find we've made a copy of that itinerary for this new client.
You can now edit the new itinerary for the new client as much as you like, and the original itinerary won't be changed.

Is there any benefit to my website?

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  Most definitely! Not only does your website have more engaging content for users to browse through, but there's also a search engine optimization (SEO) benefit. As you may know, one of the most important factors Google considers when choosing which websites to show in the search results is the links to the website coming from OTHER websites. Each Visual Itinerary you create will have a link in the footer of every page back to YOUR website. So, for every Visual Itinerary you create that Google can 'see', you'll get a set of links (one link per Point of Interest in each itinerary) back to your website. IMPORTANT: you do need to link TO each itinerary from some other page that Google crawls, such as your blog or website, as we don't automatically expose every single itinerary created to Google, in case there's private information in the notes etc.


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