Michelle Bouzek, Vacations In Paradise "I found Bright Yonder thru the DWHSA Facebook forum. I was instantly impressed. My account was set up in a timely manner. I could now present and deliver a beautiful brochure of the resorts to my clients with out sending them to the resorts websites and with out me have to spend hours putting together a professional looking quote for my clients. With a few clicks I can create a list of properties that fit my clients criteria and email it to them so the can see, experience, fall in love with the pictures. My clients love the way it is presented and I have gotten very positive feedback.

Best of all if they share the brochure with friends my name and contact information is there for them to see. Michael is constantly updating and adding new properties and is very open to suggestions. Time is money and the time I save using Bright Yonder is worth it!

   - Michelle Bouzek, Vacations In Paradise

Wendy Dall, That Travel Lady "Bright Yonder helps me gain a competitive advantage by giving my clients a chance to truly picture the resorts that I recommend. More than just a picture or two, I am able to offer my clients 360 degree views, videos and pictures.

Sometimes pictures really tell a thousand words and I am so glad to have the ability to use Bright Yonder to do just that!

   - Wendy Dall, That Travel Lady

Kimberly & Jeff Jacoby, Romantics Travel "Bright Yonder is a wonderful tool. It definitely helps close sales, and I like that I am able to do a comparison of several properties to help speed up the selection process.

I have also found it incredibly useful for my honeymoon and destination wedding clients who really like the personalization. I love the ability to share a client brochure via social media.

   - Kimberly & Jeff Jacoby, Romantics Travel

Laura Beyer, Together in Paradise Travel "I started using Bright Yonder about 4 months ago...what an awesome way to share information with my clients without having to direct them to the resorts website, instead, I create a personalized website just for them. Not only do I use it for client trips, I create custom brochure sets to share on my website, Facebook page and email marketing as well. The time and money saved by using this tool is PRICELESS.

In addition, Michael and his staff are always willing to go above and beyond to accommodate and assist me...their goal is not only to make themselves look good, but to make us, the travel agent, shine in the eye of our clients.

   - Laura Beyer, Together in Paradise Travel

Teresa Nelle, Avenue Two Travel "I am a Virtuoso Travel Agent with Park Avenue Travel - I am here to tell all of my Travel Agent friends they need to work with Bright Yonder. It's an amazing tool in assisting you while planning/sharing travel options with a client. Michael and staff are extremely helpful; it's like having your own customizable website for each client. Give it a try - its fantastic! Give them a call, they will have you set up within minutes.

   - Teresa Nelle, Avenue Two Travel

Roberta Galati, Cruise and Tour Masters, LLC "I learned about your product from a forum just a few weeks ago. After checking out your site, I was very taken by your visual itineraries of Bora Bora. Well yesterday, I had my first honeymoon request to Bora Bora and Moorea. I quickly put together an itinerary of the hotels they are interested in....what a hit! I just got a call...they are so excited and are even thinking of getting married there after viewing one of the videos! Great product.

   - Roberta Galati, Cruise and Tour Masters, LLC

Loreene Orgoralini, Can I Go, Too? "Wow! What a great idea...I heard about Bright Yonder through a forum and checked it out immediately. I had several clients who wanted to go to an All Inclusive Resort and I was trying to figure out a way to get all the information on several resorts to them in one place. I had my answer! I was able to set up an account in a few minutes and check out the resorts I wanted. They didn't have two of the resorts I had in mind so I emailed them and within several hours they were up and ready to select. Photos, maps, excursions, wonderful descriptions...Every time I have asked for help or to add more information, they have been ready willing and able in record time. This has made my life much easier. Try it - You'll like it! (Mikey did).

   - Loreene Orgoralini, Can I Go, Too?

Tanja Walsh, Vision Travel Solutions "I tried out Bright Yonder with a consultation I had on the weekend. I put together a handful of resorts I knew would be good for them ahead of time for their wedding. It was so much nicer to show them pictures and info about the resort with Bright Yonder rather than bringing up information on the hotel direct website or via a supplier website or with a little picture in a brochure. Sold on the spot! It got them very excited about a few choices. I've been using it in a few different ways and love that is really easy to use and understand.

   - Tanja Walsh, Vision Travel Solutions

Anne Lisle, Castaway Travel of the Carolinas "Pictures say a thousand words. Bright Yonder allows me to share images with my clients without feeling vulnerable. Bright Yonder saves me valuable time which would be spent copying and pasting images into a quote that will only be used once. Now I can spend that time with my clients rather than in my email server. This is a tool that actually helps me to be successful.

   - Anne Lisle, Castaway Travel of the Carolinas


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