The World’s Largest Golf Resort is Insane

The Dongguan Clubhouse

The Dongguan Clubhouse at Mission Hills' golf resort near Shenzen, China.

Any avid golfers out there? If you’re bored of the green at your local club, how would you feel about trying out the world’s largest golf resort, located conveniently in…China? 

the Dongguan club

An aerial shot of the Dongguan club, which was the first Mission Hills golf course.

This is just one of the golf courses, with the Dongguan clubhouse in the foreground (which boasts of a staggering 65,000 square meters, making it the largest clubhouse in the world.) Convinced yet?

Mission Hills Golf Course

This particular course was designed by Jose Maria Ozabal (who has two Masters titles) and 151 bunkers.

What if I told you there were TEN golf courses in the resort?

Mission Hills Spa

Mission Hills also boasts an impressive spa, volcanic hot springs, and even an "aquatic theme park."

…and there may be some spa/volcanic hot spring/aquatic theme park action thrown in there?

Mission Hills' Rose-Poulter Golf Course

the Rose-Poulter Golf Course, named after its golf pro designers, Justin Rose and Ian Poulter.

We’ll hook you up with a trip to China ASAP. 😉



P.S. for more amazeballs shots of this place, you can check out Business Insiders’ slideshow.

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