Travelers Rejoice! New Backpack Design Keeps Valuables Safe

The RiutBag, courtesy of their Kickstarter page.

The RiutBag.

If you’re well-traveled, chances are you’ve either been the victim of pickpocketing or heard one too many horror stories of people losing valuables like laptops, cash, phones, and cameras with priceless pictures on them – memories impossible to recover.

Thankfully, one brilliant Kickstarter campaign is looking to change all of that – by redesigning one of the key features of a backpack. The RiutBag (pronounced “riot bag”) was designed specifically with travelers in mind, with all zippers strategically placed facing the wearer’s back, rendering them inaccessible to pickpockets.

There are currently two options: the R10, for light travelers, and the R15, for those who fit more into the pack-as-much-as-possible category. Both give travelers peace of mind as well as a thoughtful design for carry-on essentials like your laptop, charging cables, passport/itineraries, wallet… any travel essentials that you want to have on hand, not in your checked luggage.

Here’s what would fit into the R10 bag:

RiutBag R10 capacity pack in pack out from RiutBag by Riut on Vimeo.

And the R15:

RiutBag R15 capacity pack in pack out from RiutBag by Riut on Vimeo.

If you need to have one of these bags for yourself, head over to their Kickstarter campaign to nab one while there’s still time!

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