Travel Agents: Add Your Pinterest Profile

PinterestAt the suggestion of one of the agents, we’ve added the ability to show your Pinterest profile link in the branding area at the bottom of your itineraries.

If you have a Pinterest profile, go to your main page and copy that URL, and then edit your profile on Visual Itineraries. You’ll see a place for it near the bottom of the page. Paste that link in and click the Update button at the top.

If you don’t have a Pinterest profile set up yet, you might consider it. It’s a place to share photos you like, and see your friends’ favorite photos. It’s a bit like Facebook for photo bulletin boards. It can be a nice source of new traffic for your website, if you post photos from your website that become popular. I personally have done well with photos of overwater bungalows–some of which have been repinned by over 500 people!

Here’s a good introductory article on marketing using Pinterest, and a more technical article with tremendously helpful info on tuning what you Pin.

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