Travel Agencies and Local Search

My friend and fellow SEMpdx board member, David Mihm, just published this terrific blog post on which directories and websites influence the local search results, along with killer information on the best places to submit your listings, what the value of each different submission service is, etc.

Travel agencies:  pay attention!  Your biggest opportunity for getting search traffic is from local search, i.e. people in your city looking for things like “African safari experts“.

Here’s the infographic from his post–click on it to read the entire article (it’s short, and very readable even by non-SEO geeks).

Local Search Ecosystem 2012 from

Local Search Ecosystem 2012 from

David is one of the top guys in the world in local search, a founder of, and will be moderating the local/mobile search presentation at the annual SearchFest conference in Portland this coming Friday.


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