Top 5 Honeymoon Disasters to Avoid

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In case you hadn’t noticed from the explosion of pictures on your facebook newsfeed, wedding season is in full swing. Which means that honeymoon season is in full swing. Which means that I, dear newlyweds & co., have taken it upon myself to warn you of the many mishaps that some less-than-fortunate couples have experienced on such similar endeavors. What am I talking about? That’s right…


(cue Jaws theme song.)

1. Airline Woes

Filed first under “examples to learn from” are Abby and Eric Stephens, along with 8 other unfortunate couples who got stranded at an airport on their way to St. Lucia. The Stephens lost almost 3 days of their pre-paid honeymoon because of a flight cancellation due to weather-related issues…and airlines aren’t the most accommodating when it’s an issue out of their control. (Read: you will have to pay for your own hotel room and miss out on the vaycay. #notcool.)

So what can you do to avoid a similar frustration? Two magic words: TRAVEL INSURANCE! Seriously. Visual Itineraries strongly recommends travel insurance when shopping for your next trip (proof here, here, and here under “more info.” Can’t say we didn’t warn you!). That way, if a flight does go sour, you’ll be covered.

2. When Mother Nature’s A B*tch

wave fail

"LOL" —mother nature

Filed next under disaster honeymoons is the truly remarkable story of the couple Stefan and Erika Svanstrom. They endured not one, not two, but SIX natural disasters over the course of their honeymoon. You can hear their story and interview in the vid:

(Not mentioned is whether or not they bought a boatload of lottery tickets promptly upon their return.)

My advice for avoiding six natural disasters in a row? Just, um, don’t be the Svanstrom couple. I would also recommend not booking your honeymoon trip during the Apocalypse. Not without travel insurance, that is.

3. When Family Members Dare Inconvenience You When You Benevolently Act Out Of The Kindness of Your Heart

Bear with me here–what about when you have to cancel your fab Caribbean honeymoon because a family member falls annoyingly tragically ill? You could a) be all like, “so long, suckers,” and go peace out in the Caribbean anyways. (jerk.) Or you could b) be forced to miss out on your getaway to be there for said loved one. (good for you!) ORRRR you could c) have prepared ahead of time with TRAVEL INSURANCE (can you tell I’m really selling this one?) and lo and behold, avert all crises and just postpone it for a month or however needed. This also works in case you scheduled your honeymoon way ahead and end up running into hurricane season in the Caribbean (officially listed as June through November so summer newlyweds, beware). Just make sure that you opt for the “cancel for any reason” option to make sure all your bases are covered.

4. Airline Woes, Pt. II

Let’s say that you’re a broke, budget-stretching newlywed couple whose only recent investments include top ramen and the cheapest option of your cell carrier’s data plan (can I get an amen?). You had to have those live butterflies released at your ceremony and now you’re scrounging to afford your honeymoon. You could save some extra $$$ by booking flights with separate airlines to get the most inexpensive possible combination, right? Wronggg.


listen to him.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had a late or cancelled flight. If you’re not Amish, your hand should be up. Point is, flights get screwed up. All. The. Time. And if one of your connecting flights gets botched, causing you to miss your next flight with a different airline…guess what? You’re screwed. Airlines aren’t required to compensate you for another airlines’ problem, so you’re going to be forced to buy a last-minute flight then and there. Kiss your cocktail budget goodbye. And who wants a honeymoon without cocktails?

Instead, use a travel agency to book all your flights. These agencies have fought to establish rules & regulations for airlines in order to protect the travelers (that’s you!) from such mishaps. Maybe you could save a few dollars by booking yourself, but end up losing in the long run if anything goes wrong.

5. Hotel Woes

Congrats. You’ve made it to your destination honeymoon. No deathly ill family members, no natural disasters, no cancelled flights…high five! Then you walk up to the check-in desk and…what? They’re overbooked?

it isn't fair

sucks to suck.

Like airlines, hotels overbook by a certain percentage simply because of inevitable cancellations. Which are sometimes not so inevitable and suddenly you’re in the same boat as Mary and Joseph on Christmas Eve. I mean, getting bumped to a less cool hotel is pretty much on par with staying in an animal stable, right?

Here’s the breakdown: if you book your hotel stay through a giant consumer-direct company, you’ll be last on the hotel’s list for favors. After all, they made the least money on you, and they’ll probably never see you again. They’ll screw you over to take care of a more important client. But if you book using an agent (who will pick a classier wholesaler), that wholesaler will literally hold its annual contract hostage if the hotel tries to give you the short end of the stick. These wholesalers fight for their clients and carry enough volume that hotels are obliged to toe the line–and you’ll be taken care of.

Basically, what I’m saying is that if you use travel agents and follow their advice (including investing in the ever-wonderful travel insurance), your honeymoon won’t be so disastrous after all. Or at least, not from anything that you could blame us for. 😉



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